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How To Know The Spiritual Lover. This has been a pertinent and persistent question in the heart of many singles. How do you know a spiritual brother or sister?

In the multitudes of the people that attend a church, in their thousands, how do you know who is spiritual and who is right for you?

You’ll get to see different kinds of people in the church, the short, the tall, the dark-complexioned, the light-complexioned, the fat, the slim, the not too fat and not too slim, the quiet and the loud, and so on and so forth.

How do you choose?

How To Know The Spiritual Lover 

1. Actions

Can you really get to know a spiritual person by his actions? He is always acting great and gentlemanly. 

The problem here is that people can pretend. A lot of people can act and be dramatic to get what they want. So, actions are ruled out! You can’t really conclude about a person based on his actions alone. I have had a lot of young girls call me in regret that their husbands pretended during courtship but are now showing true colours. In effect, a lover can hide true colour with fake colour. It’s simple colour mixing!

How To Know The Spiritual Lover

2. Tongues

What about tongues? The other time, brother Zerubbabel ended his relationship with Sister Sube because Sister Sube’s tongues was always sounding like “Sandal” After waiting for Sister Sube’s tongue to improve for three months but without any noticeable change, he ended the relationship. His thought was that if she was at “Sandal, Sandal…” for months, when will she get to “Shoes!”

But the reality is that you cannot judge spirituality by how a tongue sounds. He that prays in an unknown tongue prays unto God, not unto you. He prays mysteries to God, not to please you. The tongue may sound like a monosyllable for years, but that does not make the person less spiritual than the person whose tongue sounds like a combination of German, Chinese, and Yoruba!

Many people “lose” their tongues quickly when they are faced with pressures. That is when you get to know who is really spiritual.

The one whose tongue is filled with rich vowels and doesn’t know how to cook or be courteous is carnal. Not spiritual at all.

After marriage, you will discover you are not as interested in tongues as you are in having a good spouse, a responsible husband, and a homely wife.

What is the purpose of a wife who speaks in tongues but is denying her husband sex all the time? Nothing spiritual about that!

What is the purpose of a husband who dutifully goes through morning devotion but will do afternoon chatting with different girls?

What is the purpose of being naked before God in prayer but also sending nudes to men?

How To Know The Spiritual Lover goes beyond listening to his or her tongues!

Stop listening to how tongues sound to deduce how spiritual a person is!

I will stop here this morning and continue tomorrow! 


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