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How To Know If He Won’t Marry You. Sally was downcast. Her whole world seemed to have fallen apart. In the past few hours, she has wept, lamented, and even considered suicide.

She could not believe what happened earlier in the day. Her husband-to-be, whom she loved unreservedly with all her heart, told her that he is no longer interested in marriage. 

No reasons, no explanation, and that was it.

For once, she regretted that she allowed him to have sex with her severally. She felt so used and dumped that she couldn’t even pray. She felt small to even approach God in the place of prayers.

She thought about the mockery that would attend to her from friends and foes. She really loved Ade, and there was nothing that suggested that he would make such a shocking decision.

As she sat before the mirror in her room, she suddenly hated the whole idea of marriage. She looked at herself and concluded, “Maybe I am not beautiful enough.”

She even hated God as well. Why would God allow such a thing to happen to her, of all people?

What Sally doesn’t know is that the tell-tale signs have always been there that something like that would happen, but she didn’t take heed.

The second thing she doesn’t know is that pre-marital sex brings confusion into a relationship and you lose your sense of judgment and discernment because of illegal bonding and soul ties.

What are some of the tell-tale signs that a man would dump you later? What are the subtle signs?

How To Know If He Won’t Marry You. I will be talking to singles and married.

1. He will keep on telling you what you want to hear in order to keep you as long as he wants

He has your password. He knows what to say to keep you begging when there are quarrels even when he is obviously in the wrong. He knows how to manipulate your emotions to his advantage. He will always tell you what you need to hear. In fact, he enjoys quarreling with you because he knows you will always come begging, and begging will always culminate in sex

Ladies that fall to this gimmick often have low self-esteem. The guy is logical and he can see that, so he starts feeding that self-esteem in order to keep getting sex

For married couples, you must keep keep telling each the truth, but in love! Be naked before each other and don’t entertain sinister thoughts about each other because of hurts

How To Know If He Won’t Marry You

2. He will evade discussions on wedding plans

He will try as much as possible to evade discussions on wedding plans. If you trouble him enough, he will give you a date that he would not be committed to.

One other way he does that is to get angry whenever you raise the issue of a wedding and settling down.

Since you love him and you don’t want him to get angry again, you too will avoid it as much as possible discussing such again.

It is a sign that anything can happen.

For married, do not evade meaningful discussions. This is the oil of your marital engine. Keep on talking and don’t increase your vulnerabilities with silence and withdrawal

How To Know If He Won’t Marry You

3. He will never make commitments

When you ask him directly about plans, he will tactically avoid your question with no direct answers. You will spend two hours talking and yet there is no headway. He knows what he is doing. His mind is not made up.

When a guy’s mind is not made up, he would not talk, or at most he would tell you lies.

And because you are in love, you so easily believe the lies. But if you think deeply, you will know that something is wrong somewhere.

Married couples, be committed to each other! Focus on one another as no other person exists. Please each other after pleasing God! May God bless your marriage!

I will conclude this tomorrow!


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