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How To Fight Against That Habit

Life is never delivered on the platform of ease! Yes, we will have victory as God’s children,  but it’s not victory until there is a fight! 

How far are you willing to fight for your relationships and marriage? 

How willing are you to hang on to life and refuse to yield to the whims and caprices of the evil one?

Paul summarized his life as a “fight” by saying in 2Ti 4:7 that “I have fought a good fight…”

Again in in 1Ti 6:12, we are instructed to “fight the good fight of faith…”

David also said in Psa 144:1 “Blessed be the LORD my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight!”

So there is a fight, but we know through Jesus we already have the victory! 

You are not fighting to lose! You are a winner already!

What is that path that must be avoided that leads to the place of hopelessness where you don’t even want to “fight” again?

How To Fight Against That Habit.

Below are the stages that lead to where you stop fighting.

1. Mistake

Everyone makes mistakes. We all do. Making a mistake is not the end, God said He will forgive! 

2. Habit

When mistakes become repeated, it morphs into a habit! You are no longer being trapped here, you are the one designing the trap! 

3. Denial

At this stage, you simply deny the habit when confronted and blatantly refuse to admit there is an issue to deal with. When you keep denying, you can’t be set free. At this stage, you can’t be helped at all. 

4. Self Deception 

At this stage, you offer all kinds of excuses for your habit. You say things like,
“Everybody does this”
If God disproves it, He should have killed me”

This is the stage the devil gets you to where you decide to keep living with the habit rather than fight it. At this stage, you are not interested in being helped.

5. Hopelessness

The last stage is where you lose hope and stop fighting! 

You simply personalize the issue and tell yourself you can’t help it. You see yourself as defeated and there is no way out! You start telling yourself God is not wicked to punish you for whatever it is!

How To Fight Against That Habit

Can I tell you something this morning?

Don’t stop fighting! Fight with prayers. Fight by building capacity through reading, study, and research. Fight by seeking counsel.

Fight for that relationship and marriage and do not accept nonsense into your life!

Never accept the timetable of the devil for your life! 

If you stop fighting, you won’t be able to fulfill God’s purpose for your life! 

Like Apostle Paul, you must keep fighting and be able to say at the end, I have fought the good fight of faith! 

God bless you! 


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