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How To Avoid Or Deal With Gaslighting . We started looking at Gaslighting in relationships and marriage yesterday! Certainly, it is not a good habit to live with as it will eventually ruin any relationship or marriage. It is a defective situation and it will certainly produce undesirable effects.

Singles can avoid gaslighting by simply walking away from a persistent situation. Married couples are to deal with it. How will this be done?

Before I go on, REVIVE Conversation was awesome yesterday! If you missed it, you can check the recap on YouTube using this link – Yesterday we looked at and treated the following:

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Check the responses HERE Tonight we continue on Episode 3 by 9.00pm GMT + 1. 

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How To Avoid Or Deal With Gaslighting 

Back to our topic of the day, Gaslighting can be a destructive and deceitful form of manipulation, but it is possible to protect yourself from its harmful effects.

As singles, Listen to the Holy Spirit to guide you! 

Your inner witness will be a warning sign in the relationship! The moment you have that unsettling feeling about going on with the wedding, do not ignore it. Find out why! Ask questions. Communicate with your intended spouse and don’t just fill every moment with sex. Aside from the fact that it is sinful, it actually destroys meaningful conversations! When you see yourselves, all you do is pounce on yourselves, things move quickly from verbal to sexual.

As couples,  you will certainly need to seek counseling or therapy! The situation will need more than some one-hour counseling, because gaslighting is rooted in some mindset that began usually in the distant past and usually the person may not even know that they are abusive or manipulative! Reach out to me via Whatsapp for intensive therapy once your spouse cooperates to deal with it. A lot of digging into the past has to be done to find out where it emanated from! h It will take a lot of humility! That is why accusing your spouse will not work. It is also mostly not planned, it just happens because the person does not know better or it has simply become a habit! 

But you see, the other person on the receiving end would not be enjoying it at all.

How To Avoid Or Deal With Gaslighting 

It can even get more dramatic and unfortunate when the other partner decides to gaslight as well in a retaliatory effort to preserve their sanity! The kids will pick up the habit and their own marital life becomes defective even before it starts. That will not be your portion in Jesus’ name! So you see, this is not something to accommodate! The consequences can be generational!

So, therapy and extensive counselling is a must!

God bless you! Have a fantastic day! 


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