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How Side-Chicks Are Smarter Than Wives. A “side chick” is used to describe a person who is in a romantic or sexual relationship with someone who is already married to someone else. This type of relationship is often kept secret and outside of the main relationship, and is considered harmful, unethical, or disrespectful to all parties involved.

The side chicks seem smarter because their goal is different from that of wives. 

The side chicks want money and attention. The wife wants love and progress. 

In the bid, of the wife to get better and “make” her husband better, she often loses him, almost unconsciously, but it happens all the time. 

The side chick only tells her victim what he wants to hear in other to get what she wants.

The wife at home is busy using sex to punish her husband by withholding it.

The side chick is busy investing in sex and using it as a reward by initiating it.

Some wives are still tying towels up and down and hiding their nakedness from their husbands.

The side chick knows how to use her nakedness to seduce the man and “collect” his brain.

The wife at home is busy comparing; that “Daddy” is now going bald and she didn’t bargain for that.

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How Side-Chicks Are Smarter Than Wives

The side chick is busy lying to the man that his shiny head makes him look younger and even rubs it for him all the time.

The wife is busy cutting down on food so that her husband’s big belly can go down. She is suggesting nodules because she doesn’t want to cook.

The side chick will serve pepper soup as an appetizer, then make “swallow” and native soup, and use the food to hold the man by the jugular.

The wife is fasting all the time to win the battle for life and would not allow her husband to spoil the fast with sex.

The side chick is available anytime, even before the man asks, fast or no fast.

The wife is busy at home fighting and quarreling all the time. Contentious over unnecessary things.

The side chick doesn’t get angry. She apologizes quickly and pretends she is submissive! 

Since a man is logical, he begins to think he made mistake marrying his wife.

Of course, adultery will end up in the wrong place. This post is not to validate the “side-chickens” but to wake up the wives lest you leave your husband on the table for daughters of Eve to feast on! 

Jesus Christ said it aptly!

Luk 16:8b (KJV)
…for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light.

How Side-Chicks Are Smarter Than Wives

Dear wives, be smart! End quarrel quickly. Don’t leave your man vulnerable. Stop fighting over everything! Take charge of your man and home! 

May God grant you strength!

For all side chicks, men, women, and single ladies involved in adultery know that you are sowing a wrong seed whose harvest you don’t want to imagine! Get back to God and decide to live right with the help of the Holy Spirit.


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