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How Not To Lose Your Spouse Before Losing Them 

How Not To Lose Your Spouse Before Losing Them. A lot of folks actually lose their loved ones before losing them in relationships and marriages.

Crisis doesn’t just show up from the blues. Storms don’t just erupt from nowhere, no, they have been brewing and getting ready for a long time, we don’t just pay attention to them or we just ignore them.

Every issue we ever face, either as singles in relationships or couples in marriage, would always give us warning signs!

We never fall into the marital pit in an instant, it’s always a descent, a gradual slide, and sometimes foolishly, an obvious one! 

Our ego and pride would always conflict, seeing things are going down the drain and yet trying to prove a point that is really unnecessary 

How Not To Lose Your Spouse Before Losing Them

Do you want to know how?

Do not under any circumstance stop communicating! 

If you can keep talking, there is hope of resolving whatever situation or storm that might be raging!

The moment you keep quiet, you open the doors for the devil to come in with his assumptions, and we all know that assumptions are the lowest form of knowledge.

When you stop talking, you open your thought life to all kinds of suggestions, which are mostly untrue.

When you stop communicating, you begin to judge every movement, every body language and the reality is that you are mostly wrong at such times!

Once the devil gets you muted and shut out, know he has you exactly where he wants you!

So, what do you want to do? You want to keep talking! You want to keep talking till you eventually resolve that issue! That is how not to lose your spouse before losing them! 

Hope you are blessed this morning.

God bless your relationships and marriage! Have a fantastic day ahead of you in Jesus’ name! 


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