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Handsome and Beautiful, That Is All?

Let him be tall and handsome. Deep voice. Six-packs. Muscular. Gentle giant.

I want her to be beautiful. Hot legs. Head turner. Bust and behind. The hips and the lips. Slayer.

You write down a list. Great.

As a teenager, do you remember, when you think love, that’s all you wanted?

Fast forward many years after, priorities have changed.

Handsome and Beautiful, That Is All?

Married folk will tell you that some things will not be for life.

Some are great and work at it and they look great for a long time.

But genetics and nature are not really nice to everybody.

So, married people will tell you that the “tall” may be there for life, but the “tall” is no longer straight.

Somewhere along the journey, pot belly showed up. Stubborn and recalcitrant, it refused to go.

Shebi you saw the dad before? Why surprised?

Son will resemble father now?

The deep voice remained, unchanging, but then it came with deep snores. It’s a total package. Melody unto the Lord.

The six packs. Eventually and eventfully collapses into an amusement park. A bald head showed up. Cream would not work.

The gentle giant. The giant remained. Gentle left. Only God knows where.

Oh, the lady?

Ever beautiful. The legs is still somehow hot, but they got bigger. She loves “swallow,” hot swallow, and so the hot swallow swallowed the hot in the legs and left the big legs.

She doesn’t like wearing short skirts again.

Head no longer turn.

Handsome and Beautiful, That Is All?

Bust outline is no longer clear, tummy got bigger, thanks to five bubbling children!

The hips got bigger, and the lips which you think are solely for kissing, now have the capacity to shade somebody! She is no longer a slayer, nobody is ready to die.

I have said all of these to tell you that you should not be rigid with your “list” when it comes to marriage.

Some things will not be forever.

So many factors like genetics, personal discipline, eating habits and so many others determine what a person will look like.

After you hit forty, the body slows down in breaking down food. More fat settle.

God knows the best for you.

Never ever marry someone you loathe or hate, but never ever reject someone God is leading you to because of your strict idiosyncrasies.

God has a marital map for you.

Follow it.

Trash your unrealistic list and find out the heart of God.

Psa 81:13 (MSG)  
“Oh, dear people, will you listen to me now? Israel, will you follow my map?

You want to marry a rich person. Will the person be rich for life? Will you divorce if he gets broke?

There are rich people on their way to being broke! And yes, there are broke people on their way to being rich!

God’s GPS is superior to the one your brain invented.

Cooperate with His leading.

Short people can be nice. And they can be nasty.

Tall people can be brutal. And they can be gentle.

Stop insisting. Start listening to God.

He’s got your back, and He has you in mind!

May God bless your relationship!


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