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How To Get Rid Of Bad Habits And Addictions. Negativity seems to be the norm in the world we live in. We acquire various habits as we grow older, such as drinking, smoking, gambling, masturbating, and seeing pornography, especially before getting born again. Most of the time, these practices are unhealthy for us.

In his generosity, God has not abandoned us defenseless. He has offered a solution to every sticky issue we might encounter. In actuality, He has already achieved victory for us.

The devil only wants to take advantage of our ignorance. We don’t read God’s word, therefore we continue to be uninformed. The more Scripture we consume, the more victory we can experience in God.

Sinful patterns and bad behaviors need to be actively changed if you want anything to change.

Here are a few strategies for handling any persistent sin in your life.

Getting Rid Of Bad Habits And Addictions

1. Tell God the truth

This is the initial action. God expects you to be truthful with him. For God to assist you, you must be honest. Do not attempt to trick God. He is aware of everything and wants you to be accountable. 

Because of this, He questioned Adam, “Where art thou?”

Be not fooled; God is not mocked, the Bible warns. You, therefore, approach God and tell the truth. 

Take after Jacob. He had to honestly respond to the query “What is thy name?” before having his name changed from a liar to a Prince.

Getting Rid Of Bad Habits And Addictions

2. Set a stake in place

A stake is used to designate or mark a significant location or the start of a journey. Make the decision to end it in front of God.

According to the Bible, sin should not dominate you. Decide what you want. Be tenacious. Ask God for assistance. Help is available, so don’t just live in hopelessness and helplessness.

Getting Rid Of Bad Habits And Addictions

3. Rely on God’s strength

You’ll require divine strength. Yes, you will require God’s strength. Similar to how some things can only be changed via prayer and fasting, certain behaviors are difficult to break alone. God never intended you to prevail over them using your own abilities or knowledge.

You need the assistance of the Holy Spirit as a Christian. You won’t give in to the lust of the flesh if you connect with that power and walk in the Spirit.

God will grant you success in breaking those habits in Jesus’ name!


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