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Gaslighting in Relationships and Marriages. Gaslighting is a deceptive form of psychological abuse that often goes unnoticed. It is a manipulative tactic used by someone you trust, such as a partner, friend, or family member, to question your memory, perception, and sanity. 

As singles, it is better to open your eyes and see any such tendencies and run for your life. Don’t even think you want to change anybody. You are not the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the one that convicts. God has helped you by showing you tendencies you will romance with after the wedding, why are you still holding on blindly?

For those who are married, you are in already! Is gaslighting possible in marriage? The answer is Yes.

Now it is possible for a partner to be doing without even realizing the damage they are doing. It can often come from a defective or abusive background. The hurt always ends up hurting others. In the event of this, it is strongly recommended that both of you seek counsel or therapy, so that this dangerous habit can stop!

The manipulator may deny things you know to be true, make false claims, and twist facts in their favor, leading you to doubt your own reality. Mental issues can arise from persistent gaslighting. 

Gaslighting in Relationships and Marriages

To recognize gaslighting, watch out for these red flags:

1. Denial of events
Your partner denies things that you recall happening, leaving you feeling confused and uncertain.

2. False claims
They may try to convince you that your memory is flawed or that things are not as they seem.

3. Fact-twisting 
They may present facts in a way that supports their position and leaves you doubting yourself.

4. Isolation
They may try to limit your interactions with friends and family, in an effort to control and manipulate you.

5. Reality-doubt
The constant barrage of false claims and twisted facts can leave you feeling like you’re losing your mind.

The idea here is not to cause a fight or go ahead and accuse your spouse. That will even cause more problems and bring a wedge between you. It is to lovingly approach this and seek counsel on how to move forward.

For singles, if you can run, you need to, especially if it is persistent and the person is unwilling to admin and seek help.

Gaslighting in Relationships and Marriages. What do you do when you are intertwined with gaslighting? 

To be Continued Tomorrow. 

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