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From Leaving to Cleaving In Love 

Embracing the Essence of “Leave” and “Cleave” in Marriage

Genesis Chapter Two and verse twenty-four sets the foundation for a thriving marital journey: “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”

Unpacking the Significance of “Leave.”

The terms “Leave” and “Cleave” in this verse hold profound implications for successful marriages.

“Leave” signifies more than a physical departure. It involves loosening ties, relinquishing control, permitting independence, and forsaking undue interference. It’s a departure, not a disconnection.

A man’s departure is crucial for a prosperous marriage. It minimizes undue interference and control from parents, fostering an environment where the couple can flourish.

Understanding the Depth of “Cleave.”

“Cleave” means to cling, adhere, catch by pursuit, abide, follow closely, follow hard, and pursue relentlessly. It demands a shift of allegiance from parents to one’s spouse.

In marriage, your spouse takes precedence from day one. Cleaving means making your spouse the top priority, and understanding that your partner is not just another person’s spouse; they are yours. It involves continuous pursuit, a commitment that persists beyond the wedding day.

The Perseverance of Cleaving.

Cleaving is not a one-time event but a continuous pursuit. It’s an unyielding commitment to one’s own spouse. Attempting to cleave to another’s spouse can lead to marital crises. It requires being emotionally and otherwise connected, especially during challenging times.

Cleaving versus. Quitting

Cleaving means staying dedicated, and not quitting when faced with challenges. It’s comparable to one’s relationship with God; just as you cleave unto Him in adversity, you should cleave to your spouse in marital challenges. Leaving God or your spouse can complicate matters; therefore, cleave for life.

The Essence of Cleave: Dedication, Sharing, and Enjoyment

Cleaving goes beyond dedication; it involves sharing on the deepest level, enjoying each other’s company, and providing warmth. It’s a commitment to weathering storms together.

A Prayer for Strong Marriages

In closing, let’s offer a prayer for enduring and vibrant marriages:

“May God grant you profound understanding, shielding your marriage from crises. May the divine love between you two flourish, and may God infuse new life into your union.”


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