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From A Love Affair Into Marriage

Dexterity in asking a lady out is not the victory, getting married to a good woman is. Having a true help-meet in the journey of life is one the sweetest things that can ever happen to you.

Changing your status from single to “Engaged” is not yet anything to rejoice about, getting married to a good faithful, responsible man is where the victory is.

There are men who are very spiritual but are completely unromantic. They don’t know more than to be quoting Bible.

Such men will have Bible study first upon any meeting before they even greet you. It is good. You are a spirit but don’t forget you are living here on earth.

From A Love Affair Into Marriage

It is true that marriage is made in heaven, but it is also a truism that it is lived on earth.

On the other side of the divide, there are those who are very romantic, but their spiritual life is a write-off.

The most beautiful thing then is to have a romantic and spiritual partner!

The first and major step is to become that yourself. Become the kind of person you want to attract.

Relationships don’t work out because you are convinced.

It works out because you work at it.

Relationships don’t work out because you really love the person.

It works out because you first love yourself.

Forgive easily.


Work on becoming better.

Keep improving.

Read and study.

Going into relationships and coming out over and over again is not God’s plan for you.

Sit down and find out what went wrong.

From A Love Affair Into Marriage

Learn all you can learn.

Slow down. Don’t rush into a new relationship immediately after a failed one.

If you skip this process, the relationship will soon end as well.

I am praying for you, God will pilot your relationship into marriage in Jesus’ name.

All things will work out together for your good.

God will fill your mouth with laughter.

God will collapse all the wasted years and bring beauty from the ashes.

All will be well with you, this is my prayer for you this day.

Be blessed!

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