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Four Critical Beliefs to Ditch

1. Marriage is so demanding, that God has to understand.

God wants you to put him first place in your life. Every other thing can come later. Our God is a jealous God. No matter how demanding marriage is, God wants you to give him what’s his.

Your family shouldn’t take the place of God. Likewise your business or career. Your waking moment as a family should be given back to God. Create time out of no time to give back to God.

Four Critical Beliefs to Ditch

2. I can flirt a little since I am not sure what my spouse is doing as well.

This is nothing but a deception from hell. Never allow evil to manipulate your thought pattern. If you give the devil an inch, he will take a mile from you. Stay away from all forms of compromise. Focus on your spouse. Don’t give the devil an avenue to strike your family. Marriage is a covenant, so don’t joke with it.

Four Critical Beliefs to Ditch

3. It is tit for tat in this marriage.

You don’t say things like I will ‘show’ you. You are actually ‘showing’ yourself because you are one in marriage. Yes, disagreement will come but you need to resolve it quickly and immediately, so as not to give room for funny thoughts. If you and your spouse are not on talking terms, you need to deal with the hurt first and then ask for God’s help. Seek counsel from someone you both submit to.

Four Critical Beliefs to Ditch

4. I make money available, what else do they want?

Money is good. It is important in marriage but it should not be placed above your family. Your wife wants time and attention. Your children need their father. Yes, you need to provide for your family, but not at their expense. You can plan a vacation, a retreat etc. Just make sure you are there for your family.

I pray for you this morning, every situation in your home is corrected by the mercies of God right now. The shalom of God envelopes your marriage. The joy you once had about your spouse is restored right now in the name of Jesus.

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