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Forgiving The Lover Who Hurt You. Sandy was badly hurt, that ten years after the blow meted to her by her lover, she was still hurt! Without knowing, the hurt has morphed into wounds and the wounds have crystallized into bitterness. This in turn affected everything about her life.

How do you forgive in the real practical sense of it?

Forgiveness is not talking about the issue. Forgiveness is not explaining the situation. Forgiveness is not reporting the person to your pastor. Forgiveness goes beyond that especially when the issue is very grave and hurting.

Usually, the female gender is the most hurt, they are more like at the receiving end. A lady attaches more to a relationship than a guy will. Man is a logical being, so it is easier for him to walk away from relationships and console himself so that somebody else will show up.

The lady on the other hand, has her whole life, emotions and essence woven and intertwined in a relationship because she is a relationship being, so it is usually more hurting for her especially when she is not the one initiating the break-up.

In marriage; it is the same, the wife is more hurt. When I am settling quarrels between a couple, you find the man smiling after a while, but the lady finds it more difficult to let go like that, depending on the process that led to the hurt. However, in marriage, the greatest thing you can learn to do is to forgive! In fact, it is good you practice advanced forgiveness!

Forgiving The Lover Who Hurt You. The first thing to do in forgiving a person is to

1. Decide to forgive

This step is actually important because you can say “I have forgiven so and so,” when in reality, you never decided to forgive such a person. Forgiveness is a conscious and deliberate decision you make. You have been jilted, used, abandoned, rejected, abused sexually, treated shabbily, and so on? Let go! Decide to forgive so that you can move on. The best revenge is success and good marriage. But that will only come when you forgive! Forgiving The Lover Who Hurt You is a must!

2. Ask God to give you the needed strength to forgive. 

If the name of the person who hurt you is mentioned, and your countenance changes, you have not forgiven yet. If you hissed at the thought of the person, you have not forgiven yet. In such instances, you need strength from God. You need to pray that God should reach within you, touch you where no man can touch you, and heal you indeed.

Your offender who you thought would rot in hell can meet Jesus along the way and go to heaven! You that were offended too should make heaven and not allow someone to occupy a space in your heart springing up into bitterness. Being bitter will never make you better! Wives, forgive your husbands, yes, you think he is naughty and sometimes wicked, but forgive him all the same, so that you can both believe God for greater things! Never curse your husband in your heart!

Embrace him tonight. Let your love be rekindled. Don’t give the enemy space in your home. Husbands, forgive you,r wives, You think she is stubborn and disrespectful but forgive her so that your prayers will not be grounded. Call her on phone and assure her you have forgiven! She might come up with uncooperative attitudes, but ignore it, and bury your ego, she probably wants to be sure you are remorseful. Ignore her attitude and be resolute in making your marriage work. This is what Forgiving The Lover Who Hurt You entails.

I will probably still write more on this tomorrow.

I forgive all who have hurt me

I receive strength to forgive in Jesus name

bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. (Colossians 3:13 ESV)
List out names of all who hurt you and forgive them one by one
John 1


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