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Focus On These Areas In Marriage

Life as a married couple is extremely demanding and requires a lot of wisdom.

There are many areas you should focus on as couples. This morning, I will be identifying just a few of these areas as we all make up our minds to work on our marriages. Singles should learn from this too as a preparation for their wedding. 

Pay attention to these details, and your marriage will flourish.

Focus On These Areas In Marriage

1. You should never make your partner feel threatened.

Marriage is a collaboration, not a boss-bondmaid relationship. Nobody is better or worse than anyone else.

Learn to value one another as human beings first. The husband is the head of the household, but it does not make him superior.

The wife is to submit but that does not mean she should be muted and silenced in the home.

Husbands must come into that place of maturity to give wings to their wives to fly while wives must learn to be a help meet indeed by fully submitting to their wives and respecting them.

Focus On These Areas In Marriage

2. Never allow for adultery or infidelity.

It is never worth it, no matter how much you are tempted. Adultery will always be regarded as a dumb sin.

Extramarital affairs are frequently extremely expensive. Nothing compares to the cost of shattered trust.

Stay together and eliminate every emotional interference. 

3. Never deny each other.

Don’t deprive your spouse of the enjoyment God intended for sex in marriage. Try various styles. Proper hygiene is also essential. 

On the other hand, singles are to keep their bodies under and not indulge in sexual compromise. 

The biblical instruction remains the same, sex should be kept till after the wedding! God is not about to change that injunction!

Focus On These Areas In Marriage

4. Maintaining secrets in a marriage is a dead end.

It is likely that you withhold certain sensitive subjects from your spouse for a better time. But no secrets, please. Be open and be transparent with one another. Whatever is covered never heals, and moreover, if your partner had to discover themselves, the trust would have been broken. 

If this has happened once, forgive and move on but learn from it!

God keep you and bless you.


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