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Five Things Couples Should Remember

1. Always begin each day with a family prayer.

One cannot emphasize this enough. Prayers are crucial. When a family prays collectively, they stay together. The family that doesn’t pray as a unit will become the devil’s prey.

2. Avoid hanging out with coworkers or people who have been making overtures toward you.

What will you be doing at ungodly hours in a guesthouse with a person of the other sex? Although you are aware that this individual has been ‘eyeing’ you, you accept his or her invitation to ‘hang out’ in a hotel. Be honest with yourself. If you think you can’t manage it, stay away from such people and talk to your spouse about it. Openness kills the power of iniquity.

Five Things Couples Should Remember

3. Don’t empower your housekeeper with complete control.

Let her “assistance” be defined. Allowing your housekeeper to cook and serve your husband, regardless of her age, is reckless. What she wears inside the house and outside should be approved by you. Do not believe that because your husband is so spiritual, he will simply speak in tongues and solve all of the problems. What men see affects them. Your responsibility is to safeguard your spouse; it is not to trap him and then wait for him to bluff his way out.

4. When required, seek assistance.

The reality is that there are many issues that cannot be resolved all by yourself. Be vocal. Have mentors you can turn to occasionally. 

Don’t die quietly. You might only need a few words from a reputable person to get out of that pickle. Leant to talk to trusted people.

Five Things Couples Should Remember

5. Flirting is identical to adultery

Don’t lag behind. Do not believe that because you are married, you have escaped. Put your spouse first. Enjoy your youthful wife or husband. Do not give attention to those designed to distract you. They will come in their numbers, but you must be smart to evade them prayerfully.

May God bless your homes.


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