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Five Things About Your HusbandThis morning I will like to share with you five things about your husband. One of the major points of conflict in marriage is not understanding male-female differences. It is in order to study your spouse and know who you are dealing with because the Scripture even advises that we should deal with men according to knowledge.

This morning I will like to share with you five things you should do for your husband.

Five Things About Your Husband

1. Show your husband respect and defer to his authority.

Your husband is the head of your household. You are obligated to show him dignity and respect. Respect him in both public and private settings. Make it abundantly clear to everyone that you hold him in extremely high esteem.

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2. Under no circumstances should you try to force your viewpoint on others.

It is best to defer to his judgment in every matter. Your husband should have the final say in any decision unless he gives you permission to proceed. Do not make any decisions unless he specifically gives you permission to do so.

3. Your husband is not your child

We are to love our husbands and correct our children, but most of the time, what we are doing is loving our children and correcting our spouses. That is not the order.

Avoid constantly correcting him and instructing him on what to do and how to carry out his actions.

4. Don’t get quiet on your husband

Don’t be such a downer. He wants his wife / future wife to be upbeat. Because men are logical, you should become skilled at expressing yourself verbally.

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5. Have some fun with it

Every man has a little bit of a boy inside of him. Have some fun with him. Try not to take life so seriously all the time. The stresses of work and everything else can be relieved by playing together. Playing also improves your physical health and makes you more mentally agile.

This will be my last stop for the day.

I pray that the Lord will bless our marriage. 


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