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Five Phrases Men Should Avoid Using. Marriage can be a challenging journey, and it requires more than just love to make it work. Communication is key, but not all words are equal in their impact. In fact, some words should never be uttered by men to their wives or fiancées. Why? Because they can be like piercing swords in the heart of your partner, causing irreparable damage to your relationship.

Take the example of Bode and Sade. They got married a few years back, attracted to each other’s different personalities. Bode was the introvert, while Sade was the vivacious one. However, over time, their marriage hit rocky shores, and their once-exciting relationship turned sour. What happened?

It turns out that Bode and Sade had different expectations coming into the marriage. They also had different experiences growing up, with Bode exposed to negative utterances and vituperations, while Sade grew up in a family where abusive words were never used. When Bode dished out harsh words, Sade withdrew into her shell, and the excitement that once attracted Bode disappeared. As frustrations mounted, Bode continued to use harsh words, oblivious to the fact that his words were hurting his wife.

This scenario is all too common in marriages, and it’s essential to be mindful of the words we use. To that end, here are five things that men should never say to their wives or fiancées.

Five Phrases Men Should Avoid Using

1. ”I thought I married a joyful wife. You are obviously a sadist.”

This statement is a classic example of how not to communicate with your partner. By calling your wife a sadist, you are not only being hurtful, but you are also undermining her character. Your role as the priest of the house is to encourage and uplift your partner, not to tear her down with your words.

2. ”I don’t like the way you make stupid mistakes. I am having doubts about this wedding/marriage.”

This statement is a recipe for disaster. By expressing doubts about the marriage, you are creating unnecessary tension and anxiety in your relationship. Instead of attacking your partner, try to understand why they are making mistakes and offer support to help them improve.

Five Phrases Men Should Avoid Using

3. ”You are too slow for me. With the way we are going, we won’t last in this relationship/marriage.”

These words are not only hurtful but also have the potential to become self-fulfilling prophecies. By speaking negative words over your relationship, you are setting the stage for its failure. Remember, words are powerful, and what you speak, you attract.

4. ”What is wrong with you? You keep making mistakes every day. Are you sure you are okay?”

This statement is a direct attack on your partner’s self-esteem and can lead to self-doubt and low self-confidence. Instead of criticizing your partner, try to understand their struggles and offer a helping hand.

Five Phrases Men Should Avoid Using

5. ”I am not sure you are well brought up. My mum is not like this. She is not lazy and she took care of my dad!”

Comparing your partner to someone else, especially your mother, is a big no-no. It’s disrespectful and can make your partner feel inadequate. Remember, your partner is not your mother, and it’s unfair to hold them to the same standards.

In conclusion, marriage requires intentional communication and a willingness to speak the truth in love. Harsh words have no place in a healthy relationship, and it’s important to be mindful of the impact our words can have on our partners. By choosing our words carefully, we can create a positive and loving environment that fosters growth and happiness in our relationships.


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