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5 Marriage Advice for Married Men. Here are five tips that will help husbands.

1. Have a good leadership.

The body will be correct if the head is correct. However, if you have a terrible head, the likelihood of your body following suit is high.

We can still work on the body if the head is in good shape. We can exercise to maintain it in shape, or we can eat more to keep it healthy and strong.

Invest in books to become knowledgeable and educated.

2. Always take your wife with you.

Your wife is supposed to be beside you. Let there be no vacancy in her place. Tell her all you have planned, both now and in the future.

Allow her to know about your finances, and understanding her personality will help you decide what to entrust to her hands.

If she is not going to handle the financial aspects of the house, she should at least be aware of where the money is going.

3. Always communicate in your wife’s love language.

Your wife needs to know she is adored. She must understand that she is adored by you. You love her on her terms rather than yours. That is what it means to speak her love language.

4. Defend your wife and be there for her.

The truth is that your wife is the only person on the planet with whom you have a marital vow.

It is your obligation to ensure that she is emotionally, psychologically, and otherwise safeguarded.

5. Stay on the same page.

To accomplish this, you must both have a common purpose that you intend to attain together.

You must collaborate to achieve a common goal.  According to the Bible, two are better than one because they will receive a favorable recompense for their efforts.

Allow your hard work and the fruits of your labor to shine through. 

Don’t waste your entire marriage fighting over insignificant issues. Grow as a couple.  Be mature and tackle the task that God has assigned to you both.

May God give you additional insight.


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