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Five Consistent Acts for Great Lovers 

Alright, lovebirds, if you’re sailing the single seas and eyeing that potential forever mate, here are five things you should be doing consistently. Trust me; these will lay the groundwork for a rock-solid marriage. If you are already hooked, these are the things you should keep your eyes on as well.

1. God at the Center

First things first, folks. Let’s not kid ourselves; if it wasn’t for divine intervention, you might not have crossed paths. Keep that God factor intact – it’s the glue holding you together. Follow the divine playbook, hit those church services, dive into your Bible, and throw in massive rivers of tongues, meditation, and confession. Make sure your love story is anchored in something more profound than just looks or deep pockets.

Five Consistent Acts for Great Lovers 

2. The Power of Prayer

Prayer – the unsung hero of relationships. Pray together, pray separately, just pray. Even if you’re miles apart, thanks to smartphones and social media, you can still make it happen. Share your prayer points, download some powerful confessions, and let your prayers become the secret sauce that adds favor, mercy, wisdom, and understanding to your relationship. Trust me; it’s a game-changer.

3. Forgive, Don’t Forget

In the courtship phase, you’re learning the ABCs of each other. And let’s be real, clashes are inevitable. The key? Forgive early and forgive often. You’re dealing with different temperaments here, folks. Misunderstandings are par for the course, so keep that forgiveness flowing. Marriage, they say, is for two great forgivers. Don’t let strife, malice, or bitterness set up shop – forgiveness is your secret weapon.

4. Knowledge is Power

Ever heard the phrase “knowledge is power”? Well, it holds in courtship too. Read, read, and read some more. Educate yourselves about the intricacies of courtship and marriage. Books are your best friends in this journey. Dive into the wisdom of authors who’ve been there, done that. Tim Lahaye’s “Spirit-Controlled Temperament” could be your marriage Bible. Trust me; it did wonders for us. Understanding our differences became a breeze and the quarrels? Drastically reduced.

Five Consistent Acts for Great Lovers 

5. Mutual Respect

In the game of love, it’s a partnership. Respect and honor should flow both ways. Yeah, God put the man as the head, but let’s not forget the neck – just as crucial. It’s not about superiority; it’s about complementing and respecting each other’s God-given roles. Courtship is the breeding ground for this respect. Ladies, no need to play the role of a small mummy before marriage. Let your virtues speak for themselves. And guys, lead with love, earn that respect – don’t demand it.

So, there you have it, love warriors. As you navigate the courtship waters, remember these consistent acts. May God grant you the wisdom and understanding to make your journey from courtship to marriage a joyous one. Cheers to love!

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