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Fireworks to Fizzle: Why Love Wanes and Butterflies Die

Comfort and Danny were so much in love when they met on campus. Their love seemed so genuine as they richly engaged in the public display of affection. 

Their love was contagious such that those who saw them fell in love with their love! 

It was a story of “till death do us part: until they got married and discovered that death is even weak. There were other things that “did them part!”

No need to wait for death again, they were ready to part!

Fireworks to Fizzle: Why Love Wanes and Butterflies Die

The love has waned. The butterflies have injured their wings and some have died. The wine of love is dissipated and nobody wants to refill. The fickle feelings could no longer be tickled. 

Their mere appearance to each other used to lighten their countenance now brings gloom. 

What happened?

One of the things that happened to Danny and Comfort is that their love was purely romance-based. They did not understand Agape love.

So when different things kicked in, the romance flew out of the window and their love collapsed like a pack of cards.

While Romance is essential, do not ignore the book of Romans!

Fireworks to Fizzle: Why Love Wanes and Butterflies Die

The agape love is God’s kind of love that is unconditional! 

This love is so powerful because it is the very nature of God. It is a love that forgives quickly, that doesn’t do tit for tat, that loves irrespective of weaknesses. 

The Agape loves decides to love whether there is feeling or not.

The agape love can’t see side chicks. The agape love is too focused to entertain any distraction. 

The agape love doesn’t cheat. The agape love simply loves their spouse without apologies.

This is what sustains marriage after a wedding! The wind may blow, the storm may rage, and the butterflies may disappear, but ensure you stay grounded on agape love and you will be good! 


of persons:
to welcome, to entertain, to be fond of, to love dearly
to love, value, esteem, feel or manifest generous concern for, be faithful towards; to delight in, to set store upon


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