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Exploring Her Bedroom Wishlist. This area of question is perhaps an area I have often been asked.

“Pastor, my wife is frigid, what can I do?”

“Pastor, my wife will never initiate lovemaking. Is she normal?”

“Pastor, my wife is disinterested in lovemaking, unless on rare occasions and this makes me feel she might be seeing someone else.“

Pastor, how can I make my wife enjoy it more, I don’t like her attitude in bed!”

“The list goes on.

Now, I am going to suggest a few things you can do as a husband to make your love experience a better one.

Some people already have a great and fantastic experience, or so they thought, but it can always get better.

It is actually meant to get better as time goes on. You understand yourselves more, you become more mature, and even more dexterous in bed with each other. You also learn how to satisfy each other, where to touch and where not to, and so on. It’s like old exotic wine that tastes better with age!

Pro 5:18-19 (MSG)  
Bless your fresh-flowing fountain! Enjoy the wife you married as a young man!  [19]  Lovely as an angel, beautiful as a rose— don’t ever quit taking delight in her body. Never take her love for granted!

Okay, so here are a few things that could help.

Exploring Her Bedroom Wishlist

1. Longer foreplay

If your wife hasn’t told you this, you just might not have been listening.

Oh I don’t mean she said that verbally, but she would have said it many times with attitude and body language.

But I always advise wives to communicate what they want and make it explicit without any inhibitions. 

Your wife wants longer foreplay, even if she seems to be the type that is always “in the spirit” all the time.

She doesn’t want a helicopter kind of thing, she wants the airplane experience.

The helicopter takes off and lands at once and abruptly, as long as the blades are working.

The airplane takes time to taxi around before taking off. 

The taxi-ing experience is the foreplay

An average woman needs at least twenty minutes of foreplay in order to be ready.

Forty minutes is even better.

More than an hour will be fantastic!

Exploring Her Bedroom Wishlist

While a man is ready in less than ten seconds, it is different with a lady unless she is on a mission of prostitution or some perverse acts in exchange for a mammon.

So, dear husband, your wife wants you to be patient with her, so that she can enjoy it as well.

I will stop here today and continue tomorrow 


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