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Don’t Stop The Music! No matter how Sally tried, she was never happy! Her past seemed to haunt her at every point. Her experiences in the past had become a monster reaching beyond her present and even into her future and everything looked bleak for her. Even after the wedding when she thought things would change, they pretty much remained the same!

I want to quickly write to singles and married this morning. What is expected of you? What does God want from you? While we cannot exhaust them all, here is a quick excursion into that discourse.

Isa 35:10 (KJV) And the ransomed of the LORD shall return, and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads: they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.

If you look at the above scripture, you will see that being glad and joyful is a choice you need to make! 

Don’t Stop The Music! 

Go after God. Let Him be the lover of your soul before you start looking for a lover of your body. Your single years should be expended on a hot pursuit after God. You see, that is the season of your life when you have the most time. After the wedding, you are going to get so busy! You should be so busy for God that there is no time for depression or some negativities.

For those who are married, let God be your priority in your family. Let Him have the rule over your family and all affairs. Trust me, as we learned on our Whatsapp Community yesterday, to keep the music on, you will need God all the way! 

Don’t Stop The Music!

I taught yesterday via WhatsApp, that what the devil wants is to mute your music and stop your dance and move from a dance ballroom into a boxing ring where all you do is fight and bicker.

Even in courtship, the devil hates your music and dance. He doesn’t want you happy! He wants your relationship riddled with quarrels. 

His method is to get you to sin and offend God through sexual sins so that you can be cut off from God and His favour!

Don’t Stop The Music! 

Make up your mind to live for God!

Your first song is “Nobody stops my music and dance! “

Don’t let any past issues, past abuse, or past experiences stop your music.

You need that atmosphere of joy and rejoicing to get things done and have perpetual victory as single or married.

Have you ever fought and stayed in strife with your lover or spouse till you forget what even caused it in the first place? That’s the attempt of the devil to stop your joy!

Don’t allow him. You have that choice to make! Don’t Stop The Music! 

May God grant you more understanding! 

Be blessed and have a great day! 


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