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Don’t Do These To Your Spouse

Let’s look at a few more things you shouldn’t do to your spouse!

1. Don’t be selfish in Prayers 

A couple can be selfish in the place of prayer when all prayer points are about them. They forget to pray for their spouse!

In this case, it is what is in the heart that is being played out. Your greatest prayers should be directed to your spouse in love. Pray for one another’s career business, desires, aspirations, and dreams. Be wise!

Invariably, you are praying for yourself when you pray for your spouse! God answers such prayers.

Don’t Do These To Your Spouse

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2. Don’t be selfish in family relationships

When there is selfishness in family relationships, either spouse would only get in touch, call, text, or chat, with parents and siblings.

Relationship with spouses’ family is zero! Hey, this is selfishness raised to power hundred!

You need to understand what the Bible says about marriage. You leave your parents and cleave to your spouse!

This does not mean you will not get in touch with them, but it does mean that your relationship must not be lopsided in favor of your own parents and siblings!

Prioritize your spouse and everything that concerns him and you will have less trouble. 

Don’t Do These To Your Spouse

3. Don’t be selfish in cheerfulness

Here, you are cheerful with everybody, you make the whole world laugh, and you are the office comedian but at home, you are as cold as frozen fish! Not fair!

Your spouse cracks a joke and you look at them with disdain and disgust as if they just uttered some stupidity.

Another person cracks a less funny joke and you are reeling with laughter, with tears coming out of the corner of your eyes. It is called selfishness. If you are like that, you need a change of heart and some prayers too.

If your spouse cracks a joke, whether it is funny or not, just laugh! If you call their joke dry or senseless, then you are the spouse of a dry and senseless joker! Whatever you are doing to them is what you are doing to yourself. You are joined together.

If they crack a joke, just laugh, even if the joke is boring. Laugh. Be the number one fan of one another. This is how to keep the marriage going. There are many examples, but I would like to stop here.

Be blessed!

Good morning!


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