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Do These For Your Man. There are a few things you need to know about men. Men have certain needs. When a man has a relationship with God, he can better handle those needs as it relates to his fiancee or wife.

What does a man want? Let’s consider a few of them.

Do These For Your Man
1. He wants his ego massaged constantly
Never try to crush a man’s ego.
Let me give you a sample. You and your husband are dining alongside another couple. The other lady goes, 

“One thing I like about my husband is that he is so patient with me, always available to even help me out in the kitchen most times” 

And then, you go like, 

“You are so lucky! My own husband? He is so lazy! Rather than for him to help me out in the kitchen, he prefers to sit down playing cards with little kids. I wish he is like your husband…you are so lucky o.” 

This is an example, but anything like this, you have just finished the man, he would look for ways to finish you as well, because you just crushed his ego publicly! A man’s ego is so important to him that even if you try crushing it in privacy when you are alone, he will react immediately, not to talk of openly. It is not the way to go.

Do These For Your Man
2. Be ready to respect him
If you are a lady, and your song is ‘he never listens to me,’ I can tell you what is happening. Somewhere in his mind, he believes you are disrespectful.’ So any attempt to make contributions he flares up! Do you know why? He sees your contributions as trying to usurp his authority and he shuts you down or ignores you. When you find yourself in this kind of situation, rather than fight back or withdraw in frustration, try making adjustments in how you respect him, even in your choice of words and tone of voice, it all matters.
But Pastor, he doesn’t love me, why should I respect him? The instruction in Ephesians 5 is not a 50-50 contract. It’s 100% instruction. 

You are not to respect him because he loves you, you are to submit to him because he is your husband. The same goes for men, you don’t love your wife because she respects you, you are to love her because she is your wife. When couples start seeing it this way, they will be amazed at the changes that will take place in their marriage!
Now, listen to this, if you are so independent and you are not ready to respect and submit to your husband, you are not ready for marriage! It doesn’t matter whether you earn more than him or whether you are more travelled, he remains the head of the house. 

There cannot be two heads in the house, any two-headed creature is a monster. This is how God instituted it, and that is how it is going to work.
For singles in courtship, here is what you need to know. Never ever try disobeying God in any way because you want to respect your fiancé. For example, he asks you to come over and spend the weekend with him while you are not yet married. You have every right to disagree on that because you and I know what that would lead to. Do These For Your Man

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