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Deconstructing the Significance of Saying ‘I Do’. When you said “I do” on your wedding day, something incredible happened. It’s almost crazy to think about it! Your body is no longer just your own; it now belongs to your spouse.

A powerful fusion takes place in the spiritual realm, so intense that even God declared, “let no man put asunder!”

God bears witness to this union, and any attempt to come between it is an attack on God Himself.

Deconstructing the Significance of Saying ‘I Do’

As believers who are rooted and grounded, the devil’s tactics against you are strategic.

If you’re a weak believer with no firm foundation, he can easily tempt you with adultery and infidelity, leading you astray from God.

But even for those who are firmly grounded, the devil still has tricks up his sleeve. His weapon is to keep you divided, to torment you with negative thoughts and perpetual strife.

Even though you may not be committing adultery, your negative thoughts can be just as destructive.

This negativity will infect your whole family because your thoughts have magnetic power and will affect everything around you.

Deconstructing the Significance of Saying ‘I Do’

How can you pray and agree together when one spouse’s mind is full of doubt, contempt, and dislike for the other?

This is the devil’s work, and it often shows up in small ways. Your spouse may seem happy and engaged when talking to others but then become easily irritated when it’s just the two of you.

The friend you fell in love with during courtship may seem to have disappeared!

Sometimes, this shows up as singles in courtship too. Unexplainable and perpetual irritation from one party could be an indication of deep-seated issues. 

If you’re experiencing this, take responsibility for your own actions and ask God for help before blaming your spouse.

Blaming each other is like a General Manager who blames his employees for losses and the employees who blame the Manager for their ineffectiveness. It creates a stalemate!

Stop playing the blame game! It’s a trap from the devil. Instead, humble yourself and seek God’s guidance.

Deconstructing the Significance of Saying ‘I Do’

It is not a prudent use of your time to engage in fruitless endeavors, as there is a plethora of things to do!

What rationale exists for subjecting oneself to a forty-day fast, only to subsequently engage in four days of discordant behavior that serves to discredit one’s previous efforts?

What purpose is served by dedicating years to cultivating the growth of seeds, only to then carelessly uproot them with a thoughtless and egocentric tongue?

Decide to align yourself with a unified front in the face of the adversary that seeks to undermine the well-being of your soul.

From the moment you enter into holy matrimony, the prospect of achieving success through individual means is rendered null and void.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to eschew minor disputes and disagreements, and instead adopt a harmonious approach that enables both partners to partake in God’s favor.

For those in the courtship phase of a romantic relationship, the continued indulgence of contentious attitudes represents a gross misapplication of personal power and potential.

May the grace of the Almighty bless your relationships, marriages, and households, now and forevermore.


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