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Dear Babe, What Exactly Do You Want? No matter how spiritual a lady is, there are certain things she wants from her man, single or married.

This morning, we will look at a few of them.

1. She wants someone to play with.

There is a little girl inside every woman who always wants to play with the little boy in her lover.

Learn to play with her in your relationship. Don’t always be too serious. Get her to laugh. Have fun with her. Together, go to the movies.

2. She wants a guide, not a teacher.

Every woman wants to be guided and not told what to do.

There are many big differences between the two.

Don’t tell her what to do, because you are not her teacher.

Don’t give her a sermon; you’re not her preacher.

Don’t use Bible verses to get mad at her, that won’t help.

When a mentor is kind, things go better and faster.

3. She wants a man who is honest.

Every woman wants a man who is honest. Cheating comes from the same heart that tells lies. When you tell the truth, you know you are safe.

Make a promise to always tell the truth, no matter what. A man who tells the truth will have children who also tell the truth. It’s as easy as that.

Don’t walk down the aisle with him if he lies on the spot.

4. She wants a guy who will let her say what she wants to say.

Every woman wants to talk and loves to do it. Let her say what she wants. Don’t silence her. Even if you don’t understand what she’s saying, let her talk.

She feels better when she talks and says what’s on her mind. Let her be.

Don’t make her look like an idiot.

5. She wants a guy who is responsible and capable with money.

Lastly, every woman wants a man who is good with money and not careless with it.

A guy who isn’t good with money is a big source of heartache and frustration for the woman.

May God help us understand more!


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