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Creative Ideas For Couple Bonding 

We are in a generation where couples must be deliberate in nurturing their love and romance. Work schedules, lifestyles, and personal choices are gradually eroding the bonding that should exist between a husband and a wife at all times.

If bonding is not worked at, things will gradually degenerate! May that never be our portion! 

It is the same thing for singles in courtship. Bonding especially on an intellectual level must be achieved. Communication should be top-notch as this is the bedrock of any successful marriage. The only bonding that should not happen before a wedding is sexual bonding! I believe singles already know this! 

One of the ways to bond together is by playing together!

Playing together as a couple is a natural way to eliminate the unnecessary stress that comes with raising a family! Don’t take playfulness out of your marriage! 

This is one thing I still do till tomorrow. I play a lot with my wife! It’s a good way to bond!

Another thing that being playful together as a couple does is that it creates shared memories which leads to deeper emotional connection!

Conversely, quarreling all the time and engaging in unending bickering will tear you apart emotionally till you are irritated at each other. It even gets more intense and hatred comes in. 

How do you move from loving someone so much to hating that person so much?

Carelessness in not nurturing your marriage can result in this!

If playfulness is absent in your marriage, then start by scheduling it. An example is a playful dance session. Another one is a gentle pillow fight!

Let me warn you ahead of time that one spouse will not usually like this idea as one is always serious while the other is playful. But you must keep at it.

Genuinely invest in joy in your home. Play together. And enjoy yourself, and of course, this will lead to a better intimacy between the two of you! 

Good Morning!