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Cracking the Code: What Every Woman Wants. Someone once said that the most complex being God created is a woman. I’m not sure if I agree with that. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions and be the judge. People’s perspectives may differ based on their own experiences.

Every woman, in my opinion, possesses a key. And you don’t have to look for every woman’s keys. You only need one key, which belongs to your spouse! That’s all there is to it.

You’re set once you have that key. This key is not intended to be used to manipulate her emotions in such a way that you become the puppet master with all the strings.

We’re talking about knowing the password of your wife /fiancee and learning it, using it to please her, and seeking to understand the great help that God is or has brought into your life.

Our culture or environment may lead us to believe that marrying a woman benefits her, but this is not the case.

You find good and bring favor into your life when you find a woman. Good things will start to accumulate in your life!

That’s why I usually say to people, “You will not Shi-Marry!” Good prayer, bad English! Because good things will happen to you if you marry the right woman.

Cracking the Code: What Every Woman Wants

1. Every day, pray for or with her.

That is extremely important.

Thank God for your phonetics, but if you don’t know how to speak in tongues, you’re not prepared to face and overcome the challenges of raising a family.

Thank God for your bank account, but if you are spiritually bankrupt and unable to lead your family as a priest, trouble is on the way.

Cracking the Code: What Every Woman Wants

2. Tell her “I love you” on a regular basis, many times daily. 

How is this on the list? That is extremely important to every woman. Women experience a wide range of complex emotions, which are frequently accompanied by self-esteem issues; they simply needed to be affirmed over and over again, especially by the one they love!

Allow no one outside to assist you in complementing your wife, lest she becomes distracted. How long do I have to do it every day? Perhaps as often as you can. Do it whenever you have the chance.

Your wife is a wordsmith. Your fiancee is a wordsmith. As a result, women generally speak more than men. A typical man speaks ten thousand words, whereas the average woman does twenty-five thousand! Isn’t that enormous?

She enjoys being tickled by words. She may be acting as if she isn’t having fun, but she is. She has that attitude because she wants more.

So when you tell her, “I love you,” she understands. She says, hmm…as if she doubts you. In reality, she doesn’t want you to stop, and she wants you to do it again.

I advise women whose husbands have hung the words “I love you” and tucked them away in some dormant closet to reawaken the experience by telling them constantly “I love you.” You want it, but it isn’t coming, so you give it to him often, and sow it as a seed, and you will eventually reap it! I will continue on this.


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