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There are three costly mistakes that every couple should try to avoid making.

I have been married for quite some time—23 years, to be exact—and I have picked up a few useful life lessons throughout that time, particularly from frequent marriage counseling sessions.

Allow me to impart some knowledge to you this morning.

Couples, Avoid These Mistakes

1. Do not tell your parents or your spouse’s parents about your spouse.

It will not go well in the end. It is impossible for anything to work out that way. It’s only normal for parents to develop an emotional attachment to their offspring. There will be partiality, and people’s feelings will be hurt.

Most of the time, you report to them when there are problems, but you fail to call them back when the problems have been resolved, which causes them to continue debating the matter and concluding on tour spouse.

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The only time you should disclose something to your partner’s parents is if they are the only people your partner pays attention to. If this is not the case, you should not proceed.

Couples, Avoid These Mistakes

2. Do not tell your coworkers or boss about things between you and your spouse.

The devil is crafty, searching for new ways to hobnob with you. If you tell a coworker or your boss that your husband has issues with you, the devil may take advantage of the situation and set you up for an emotional affair.

An emotional affair is only a few steps away from becoming an adulterous relationship. 

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You are going to want to avoid going down that road at all costs.

Couples, Avoid These Mistakes

3. Do not engage in emotional manipulation of your partner.

This will have an impact on the way you pray. When your partner says or does anything that doesn’t sit well with you, your natural response is to withdraw and assume an air of superiority. That is not the path to personal development.

Keep each other company and pray together.

I pray that the Lord will bless your marriage.


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