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Couple Types: Quiet Husband, Quiet Wife

Alright, we have been looking at couple combinations in the past few days!

We are looking at a peculiar combination today! We know that opposites attract, but with a few exceptions, we often have couples of the same temperament and tendencies getting married. 

This is why we are looking at these combinations to know how couples can manage themselves. 

A quiet husband and a quiet wife! Wow!

Their marriage will be a peaceful one, at least in a general sense, but this does not mean there won’t be underlying conflicts and tantrums.

Both of them are not vocal, so there is a high tenacity that they bottle things up, go through the motions to avoid issues and never tell themselves the truth.

They will usually be of the phlegmatic temperament and whatever they lack in utterance, they will compensate with their stubborn stances.

They are usually unyielding and their stubbornness is their coping mechanism for those who want to take advantage of them.

Their home will likely be boring because they are not outgoing and they don’t do well in making too many friends.

What must they do?

They have to learn to go against their basic temperamental tendencies to bring some balance into their home and marriage.

They also have to learn to be expressive and not just bottle everything up in a bid to avoid conflict and quarrels. 

They must work on their sense of humour because phlegmatics can have a biting, dry, humorous sense.

Their pursuit of dreams and goals will need to be supercharged constantly because their temperaments are those of procrastination. 

They also have to learn to encourage and motivate one another because phlegmatics generally lack inner motivation.

That said, they will generally have a peaceful but uneventful lifestyle that comes naturally! 

Good morning!