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Consistency In Prayer – Apostle Arome Osayi Part 2

My personal journey took a dramatic turn when a close encounter with death unfolded right in my own quarters. A fellow student, lifeless, was brought to my doorstep, marking the beginning of a miraculous but complex chapter in my faith journey. Through fervent prayer, the young man was revived, only to pass away years later, leaving us with more questions and a community skeptical of our faith.

This sequence of events, coupled with a grievous betrayal after years of dedicated ministry, brought me to a critical realization: our understanding of God’s authority and timing is fundamental to our walk with Him. It was a painful but necessary lesson in the sovereignty of God—a lesson that taught me to align with His will rather than attempt to bend His timeline to fit my expectations.

The Power Within: Activating God’s Authority and Anointing

Our encounters with darkness, both spiritual and physical, underscored the necessity of divine power in our ministry. From confronting serpents on construction sites to facing opposition in our evangelistic efforts, it became evident that authority and power are essential for kingdom advancement.

This understanding led us to a deeper revelation of the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives. While many believers experience the Spirit’s presence, few transition to operating in the power that the Holy Spirit bestows. This power, as Jesus promised, is not only for casting out demons or performing miracles but for overcoming the daily challenges that believers face, asserting dominion over territories assigned to us by God.

The Journey to Activation

The path to activating this divine power involves understanding the relationship between the Spirit and power. The Spirit of God within us is meant to manifest as power through us, enabling us to fulfill our God-given mandates.

However, this activation is not automatic. It requires a conscious effort to align with God’s will, understanding the spirit we operate from, and committing to a life that reflects His character. It’s about stewardship of the divine gifts entrusted to us, ensuring that our actions and ministry align with the nature of God’s Spirit.

Kingdom Mandate: Governance Through Spiritual Authority

The ultimate goal of receiving the Holy Spirit’s power is to establish God’s kingdom on Earth. Every believer is anointed to exercise dominion over a specific territory—be it a geographical area, a sphere of influence, or a sector of society. Understanding this mandate is crucial for every kingdom functionary.

As we navigate the complexities of life and ministry, the chronos and kairos of God remind us that our journey is uniquely ordained. Our breakthroughs, challenges, and seasons of waiting are all under His authority. This realization compels us to trust in His timing, submit to His will, and actively engage in the spiritual processes that prepare us for the manifestation of His power.

Conclusion: The Call to Faithfulness and Power

The story that began on a remote campus in Benue State extends far beyond its geographical confines. It’s a call to believers everywhere to embrace the fullness of God’s Spirit, to understand the depth of His authority, and to actively engage in the kingdom mandate with power and conviction.

Let us be like wine, improving with time, as we submit to God’s processes and prepare for the activation of His power in our lives. May we journey with God, not on our terms, but in absolute surrender to His timeline and divine authority, trusting that He who began a good work in us will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.


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