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Consistency In Prayer – Apostle Arome Osayi Part 1

In our devotionals, we will be bringing to you words from men of God that is blessing the body of Christ. Today, we look at one of the messages of Apostle Arome Osayi. Be blessed.

In the heart of Benue State, nestled amidst the wilderness of a remote city, a group of young believers gathered on a university campus, experiencing an extraordinary encounter with the divine. It was here, far removed from the glamor of city life, that the Lord spoke, heralding a mighty move of the Spirit that would sweep through the terrain, altering the course of history for the community and its people. This is a story of prophecy, faith, and the indomitable power of God, a narrative that unfolds the layers of divine timing, authority, and the manifestation of God’s kingdom on Earth.

The Prophetic Onset

Among us was a lady, profoundly gifted in prophecy, whose utterances were both a mystery and a revelation. She spoke of things so intimate and hidden that only a divine whisper could have unveiled them. Her prophecies were clear: a significant movement led by the youth was on the horizon, a movement that would challenge the dark forces entrenched in the land and usher in a new era for Christianity in the region.

This land, long surrendered to witchcraft and necromancy, was about to witness an extraordinary shift. Ministers of the gospel had fallen prey to the sinister shadows that lurked, their promising ministries cut short by unexplained tragedies. It was a cycle of spiritual resurgence and suppression, with each loss plunging the community deeper into despair.

The Importance of Consistency

Amidst this struggle, our prayer group on campus embraced a motto that underscored the essence of our fight: “In consistency lies the power.” We had witnessed firsthand the darkness that descended upon the land following the demise of a minister, a darkness so thick, it stifled hope and dimmed the light of faith.

The recurring cycles of death on campus, the wavering faith of many, and the challenge to the gospel’s credibility in the face of tragedy posed questions too profound for any human answer. It was in these moments of utter helplessness that we learned the hard truth about divine timing and authority.

Understanding Divine Timing and Authority

The Lord’s response to our cries and intercessions was a lesson in humility and trust. He revealed that the chronos and kairos—times and seasons—are under His sovereign authority. This revelation shifted our perspective on prayer and the will of God. Despite our fervent prayers and acts of faith, we understood that God’s plans are not subject to our timelines or expectations.

To be concluded tomorrow!


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