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Sade is head over heels in love with Andy. They were both excited about getting married. But she has reservations in her heart. She had no idea what to do with her doubts.

George and Sandy are having an affair. Sandy is gorgeous to him, but he has this nagging feeling that something isn’t quite right.

Betty and Buddy have gotten married. They had a son, and everyone thought their marriage was beautiful, but they are beginning to wonder if they are destined for each other.

This morning, I want to talk about doubts in marriage. What are you going to do about your doubts?

Conquering Doubts In Your Love Life

When do questions arise in a relationship or marriage? These are some examples.

1 When a connection is not of God and God is attempting to draw your focus to Himself.

2 When a relationship is of God, but the devil wishes to mislead you in order for you to miss God’s will.

3 When your marriage expectations are unrealistic and your expectations are not satisfied.

4 When you engage in sexual sins, turmoil enters the soul because God’s order has been broken. Unless you swiftly ask God for forgiveness and then truly repent, the adversary will take advantage of the circumstance and cause misunderstanding.

5 When you have a distorted view of life and marriage, you will have questions about a relationship or marriage, even if it is God’s purpose.

6 When you begin a relationship or enter into a marriage without first seeking God’s guidance.

7 When the only thing you did before entering a relationship or marriage was seek some prophet or advice without a personal inner conviction.

8 When you start a relationship or get married as an escape from what you’ve recently been through.

9 When every authority figure in your life is opposed to your relationships and marriage. Doubts will occur along the road.

10 When major obstacles emerge and you are unable to handle them appropriately, you will begin to doubt.

Conquering Doubts In Your Love Life

The next question is whether or not doubt can be entirely eradicated.

The answer is emphatically NO! You see, you are still in your flesh, and doubts will try to enter your heart, but once you have heard God, you can simply eliminate the doubt!

Do you remember Jesus Christ? When the agony of what was to come overtook him in the Garden of Gethsemane, doubts began to creep in.

The second issue is, what can I do to avoid doubts?

1 Never take a step until you are certain it is God’s will.

When doubts occur, you will be able to immediately identify the source and deal with it. You will recognize that uncertainty is attempting to pull you away from God’s will, and you will oppose it.

However, when you are doubtful if it was God or not in the first place, and when doubts occur along the way, you are confused about how to address them since inner conviction is lacking.

2. Don’t be too hasty. Don’t fall in love rashly.

3 Listen to all authoritative figures in your life, including pastors, parents, mentors, and so on.

4 Learn to read and study God’s word on a regular basis.

It provides you wisdom, which helps to balance your soul.

Have a great day!


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