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Climb Her Not, Spread Not The Legs. One of the greatest deception tools that the devil has thrown to this generation is that a combination of unrepentant habitual sinful lifestyle and service unto God is cool.

Listen to me, this will never work. It doesn’t matter how anointed you think you are, let’s even say you have raised the dead, and you can go into trances at will, if you are living in habitual sin, it would be like a man sitting on a rocking chair, there is movement but there is no progress. There is sweat, but nothing to show for it. There is drama, but no reward from God.

For young men and ladies, NYSC members, and young adults who are serving in some capacity as an executive or leader, stay away from compromise. Don’t use your trusted position to defile people you are meant to oversee spiritually.

My goal this morning, is not to inject some fear into you, for God has not given us the Spirit of fear, but at the same time, there is a fear that comes from God, it is called Godly awe, it is called the fear of God! If the fear of God overtakes you as you read, then so be it, for that is part of the commission God gave to me, to raise a standard, even in the midst of a perverse and compromised generation.

Never in the history of the Homo Sapiens, have there been so many intense attacks from the hordes of hell in the areas of sexuality!

You are married. You are in adultery or you are single, and you are in adultery with a married man. He calls you on phone and you still pick up his calls? You are not ready!

Your pastor is sleeping with you. You claim you don’t know what to do. Yet after service, you go and sit down in his house, when his wife is not around? You are not yet ready like that.

You are the president of your fellowship. A young beautiful lady has accommodation issues, and yet you ask her to come and stay in the Secretariat where you can easily desecrate her? When did you become a property agent? You shouldn’t immobilize yourself through carelessness. 

Why would you take a house help who is “crudely” beautiful when you know your weakness and you know your wife is not always around? You just hung yourself by doing that! Climb Her Not, Spread Not The Legs!

Sometimes, young wives don’t have an idea what their husbands are going through in terms of sexual pressures. They think because he speaks in tongues every day, it is taken care of. You want house help, by all means, they brought one village girl to you, your husband says “No way” for no reason, and you are still arguing she must stay? Don’t you know the moment he set eyes on her, he already knew he would “commit?”

The intense pressures and temptations you face daily are orchestrations of hell to tamper with your destiny, but the good news is that he cannot force you!

Decide for God, and you will fulfill your destiny. Always remember this, Joseph ran from sin and fulfilled destiny. Samson stayed with sin, and died, his ministry unfulfilled! 

Before you climb on that girl, before you spread your legs for that guy, always remember, it is about your future, your destiny, and your glory!

There are people you sleep with for seven minutes and there is delay and strange troubles for the next seven years. There are strange hands you allow in your blouse and you battle some sickness for the next few years! Climb Her Not, Spread Not The Legs!

Wherever you find yourself this morning, know that the grace of God and His mercy are still at work, and you are never too far gone! You can start afresh in Him this morning, now, and your life will never remain the same again!

I will not be cut off in the midst of my days

Lord, keep me in your strength and in your power in Jesus name

Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned? Can one go upon hot coals, and his feet not be burned (Proverbs 6:27-28 KJV)

Delete every number that needs to be deleted.

John 12


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