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Capture Your Husband With Respect

We explored the importance of not rebuffing your partner’s advances in our last discussion, and now, we delve into another vital aspect – the essence of respect.

1. Embrace the Power of Respect

The breakdown of numerous marriages can be attributed to a lack of respect from wives. Here’s a road map to infusing respect into your marriage.

  1. Respect Within and Without

Extend your respect for your husband beyond the walls of your home. Let him feel honored and valued, reinforcing the notion that he is your king. This respect should be evident in your actions, words, and even disagreements.

  1. Uphold His Honor

Even when faced with disagreements, supporting your husband sends a powerful message. Avoid undermining him in the presence of friends and family. The goal is to “finish” him with respect, creating an environment where he hesitates to offend.

Drawing inspiration from Ephesians 5:22 (AMPC), wives are encouraged to be submissive to their husbands as a service to the Lord. This underscores the importance of aligning marital dynamics with spiritual principles.

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  1. Language Matters

Avoiding vulgar language is a fundamental aspect of showing respect. Disparaging terms can erode the foundation of a relationship. Wise communication involves understanding your husband’s sensitivities and steering clear of derogatory remarks.

  1. Decode His Language of Respect

Respecting your husband doesn’t imply living in fear; rather, it involves recognizing his preferences and understanding his interpretation of respect. This could range from small gestures to deferring to his decisions.

  1. Defer and Allow

Letting your husband have the final say doesn’t diminish your role; instead, it establishes a healthy balance. Avoid constant arguments and the temptation to assume the role of the dominant partner.

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  1. Steer Clear of Frustration Tactics

Deliberate frustration, through tactics like silent treatment and mood swings, can strain a relationship. A husband who feels consistently respected is more likely to reciprocate with honor. Avoid gas-lighting and stonewalling. 

8. Express Respect in Every Dimension

Respecting your husband isn’t confined to words alone; it permeates your actions, body language, and attitudes. Balancing respect for your spiritual leaders with the reverence you show your husband at home is pivotal.

  1. Pleasing Your Husband Over Others

Never prioritize pleasing others at the expense of your husband’s happiness. Understanding and respecting his desires while staying true to your values fosters a harmonious relationship.

10. Prioritize your admiration
Men experience the greatest pain when they discover you are admiring somebody else over them.  Naturally, a woman is not moved by sight as much as men are. So when a woman is moved by the sight of another man or other men, it’s a deep wound for any man who loves his wife. Admire your husband and focus your emotional energy towards him. 

In conclusion,  1 Peter 3:1-6 (AMPC), emphasizes the impact of a godly life on a husband. It encourages women to embody inner beauty and a gentle spirit, illustrating this with the example of Sarah’s submission to Abraham.

Mastering the art of respecting your husband is an ongoing journey. 

May divine intervention guide and enrich your marital journey.

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