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Called Or Sense of Calling?

1. God qualifies those who are called.

He does not call the qualified. I was a naive nineteen-year-old when God called me, and I did nothing about it until a few years later when I was graduating from high school. Is God asking you to perform anything that appears to be beyond your abilities? That is how it is!

2. God will speak with you in a pattern.

Study that pattern and pay attention to what He says. God speaks in snippets, as much as you can handle at one moment. As a result, always document.

3. Do not be in a hurry.

When God speaks to you, you are burdened. There is a burden of preparation and a burden of performance. When you try to perform when you should be preparing, you may fail.

4. Be calm when leaving a ministry or church, regardless of how you believe you have been treated.

Be prudent. David never retaliated. He was knowledgeable in his behavior. Do not backbite or gossip. Maintain your cleanliness.

Called Or Sense of Calling?

5. It is folly for you to go up against a man of God who has multiple branches or a stronger ministerial standing than you do.

His many branches can absorb all the conflict for a while, but your new work may not.

6. What do you do when you are enraged by some people in the ministry?

The most stupid thing you can do is start gossiping and spreading your pain. That is what your flesh desires, but it is not what the scripture recommends.

7. So, what are you going to do?

You pray for that individual or people in the Holy Spirit. Intercede on their behalf and sincerely ask God to bless them. The bitterness will fade, and the devil’s plan will fail.

8. Never go anywhere without a spiritual covering.

It’s like a baby who wants to go out without his or her birth parents. It is virtually impossible.

Called Or Sense of Calling?

9. Israel is divided into twelve tribes.

There are tribes in ministry, but no tribalism. Find your tribe or spiritual ancestry since that is where your legacy resides. You will always thrive when you are in the proper company. You can’t be friends with everyone. Do not let your attention wander.

10. Avoid spending time with persons who oppose your calling.

Words are like spirits. There are tongue slanderers. Be an avid reader. Be adaptable while being steadfast.

May God give you additional insight.


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