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Building a Strong Prayer Life with Your Spouse

One of the greatest elements of the foundation of our relationship and marriage was prayers. Oh yes, we prayed. There were no mobile phones in those days, but it was made possible because we attended the same college! We prayed like our lives depended on it, and yes, our lives depended on it!

Today, you have phones and other gadgets, so distance should not even be an issue for you in praying together.

Why should you pray? The devil is on the prowl, and you cannot afford to play. A person who does not pray will eventually become a prey.

Here are a few tips that will help you build a strong prayer life in your relationship or marriage:

1. Prioritize it

The first thing in the morning is not checking your phone. The first thing is to worship and pray to your maker. If you are single in a relationship, you and your lover can have a fixed time and wake up one another via calls regardless of your location. If you are already married, it is even much better. I know some couples wake up at different times and pray separately.

That is okay, but ensure you still find other times when you pray together. Carve out some quality time to pray together and create that special connection. It’s about opening up, being real, and bringing God into your relationship.

2. Add Bible Juice.

God’s word is life! Sprinkle some relevant scriptures into your prayer times to add some extra spice. Let your prayers be Bible-based, and make sure you have a word to back up your request like a lawyer would do in court. This will encourage you as partners to dig into God’s word to find relevant scriptures for your prayers.

3. Keep It Real and Vulnerable.

No need to “form” for God! Prayer is all about being raw and open with God and your partner. It’s a safe space to share your deepest dreams, struggles, and flaws. Embrace that authenticity, yo! Being vulnerable in prayer creates an environment for you and your partner to grow together. Realness breeds a solid connection, and prayer is the perfect platform for that.

4. Make it a Habit

Consistency is the key. The devil fears consistency, and that is why he fights it. Do everything possible to maintain consistency in the timing and the place where you pray. Systemize your prayer times, and you will see God bring systems and structures into your life and finances.


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