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Breaking the Chains of Vengeance In Marriage

Let’s talk about a marriage that’s dancing on the edge – a tango of revenge and retaliation. It’s a twisted tale where love and respect take a backseat, making room for a toxic brew of fear and animosity.

In this scenario, couples aren’t motivated by love or mutual respect; it’s the fear of being crushed that drives their behavior. It’s a roller-coaster of bitterness, hurt, strife, and a cocktail of justifiable evils.

Emotional Chaos Unleashed

Here, emotional tantrums are not just tolerated; they’re practically encouraged. Outbursts of anger are the norm, creating a battleground within the supposed sanctuary of marriage.

The Unbalanced Power Play

Picture this: the man demands reverence and the woman? Well, she better worship him, or life becomes a living nightmare. Love, agreement, and cooperation – all held hostage by the looming threat of punishment.

Love Withdrawal Tactics

Trouble arises when love becomes a bargaining chip. The woman, in a bid to retaliate, withholds love, intimacy, agreement, cooperation, and goodwill. It’s a silent but potent form of punishment, casting a dark cloud over the relationship.

A Cycle of Retribution

What follows is a dangerous tit-for-tat game. The man, feeling the sting of emotional and sexual starvation, retaliates by flexing his authority as the man of the house. It’s a never-ending cycle, a destructive loop of retaliation.

The Silent Sufferers

But guess who bears the brunt of this vengeful waltz? Both the man and the woman suffer the consequences. As the Yoruba proverb wisely puts it, “When it is uneasy for the rope, it equally becomes uneasy for the bird.”

A Marriage in Flames

In the heat of this retaliation, the marriage becomes an unbearable inferno for both parties. The burning question: If we make this marriage work, is it for our own good or to save face?

The Bed We Make

Reflect on this – the way you lay your bed determines how you lie on it. If you roughen the sheets, don’t expect a restful night. But invest in your marriage, work on it, and you’ll reap the sweet dividends.

A Call to Change

If you choose the path of reacting to every provocation, insisting only your viewpoint matters, you’re in for a turbulent ride. 

Decide to do it God’s way! Don’t be vengeful! Forgive easily and avoid marital retaliation! Good morning! 

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