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Break Free: Your Relationship is not an ATM!

In a world where financial boundaries are often overlooked, some individuals, regardless of gender, throw caution to the wind when it comes to money matters. Let’s talk about this today! 

Financial Freedom, Not Dependency

The perilous journey that some find themselves on, cohabiting with their partners, is often paved with financial missteps. Fear of uncertainty and the dread of hardship lead some to relinquish their independence, transforming into mere dependents.

Empower Yourself, Be Industrious

In challenging times, it’s crucial to resist compromising your integrity for the sake of survival. When a person appears financially stable, rational judgment often takes a back seat.

It’s high time for the younger generation to embrace innovation and industriousness, carving their paths to financial independence.

Don’t Be a Liability, Be Self-Reliant

Relying on an unmarried partner for sustenance can lead to loss of control and compromises against personal values. Remember, they are not your saviors or financial safety nets. Your lack should drive you towards self-discovery and entrepreneurship.

Fast Lane vs. Righteous Path

Choosing the fast lane over God’s guidance can lead to destruction, even for the devout. Justifying actions by self-reliance might seem reasonable, but God’s standards remain unaltered.

Unveiling the Truth: Cohabitation Dilemma

Cohabiting with your partner might seem convenient, but it’s unacceptable before God. No justifiable reasons can mask the truth – if you’re not married, you’re not married.

Faith in God, Not in Your Boo

Developing faith in God, rather than relying on your partner, is paramount. Regardless of the logical reasons you provide, true fulfillment comes from unwavering faith.

In a world where financial interdependence can cloud judgment, it’s essential to navigate the path of self-reliance, innovation, and unwavering faith in God. Remember, your relationship should be a source of strength, not a financial burden.

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