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Before And After Tying The Knot Part 3

Love Beyond Emotions: The Power of Guiding Principles

Let’s pick up from where we left off yesterday, delving into a crucial aspect of successful marriages.

7. The Nexus of Love and Principles

In the realm of matrimony, love is not an isolated entity; it’s intricately woven with principles. Contrary to the notion that emotional feelings suffice, it’s essential to recognize the distinction between love and fleeting emotions.

Love lacks a substantial foundation without principles. It is these guiding principles that provide the bedrock for a lasting and resilient love. In the tumultuous storms that inevitably hit every marriage, principles become the anchor, ensuring survival.

Life, with its unpredictable twists, affects us all. Drawing inspiration from the biblical perspective, we are declared more than conquerors through Christ. The battles will come, but adherence to principles becomes the pathway to victory.

8. Marriage: A Spiritual Commitment

Some erroneously perceive marriage solely through the lens of emotions. However, it extends far beyond mere emotionalism.

Assuming all is well because of external factors; job security, good health, and a comfortable life, can lead to complacency. Personal experience underscores the danger of becoming lax when everything seems smooth.

Marriage is inherently spiritual before it manifests in the physical realm. An essential prerequisite for a successful union is a willingness to embrace a serious relationship with God.

Every man is the priest of his family. It goes beyond superficial gestures; leadership entails leading the family towards spiritual growth. Both partners must actively participate in studying God’s word, prayer, fasting, tithing, and other covenant practices.

9. Spiritual Unity

True leadership involves more than romantic gestures. Men are called to lead their families to God, speaking in authority over their wives and children.

Reject the notion that only one partner needs to be spiritual. Both parties must be committed prayer warriors, believers in the Bible, and actively engage in spiritual disciplines.

In conclusion, the journey of a successful marriage requires a fusion of love and principles, transcending mere emotional bonds. 

May this insight grant you a deeper understanding as you navigate the intricate path of matrimony.