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Avoid This Pitfall In Relationship and Marriage 

At a recent marital gathering, a common question surfaced: Is it acceptable for married couples to indulge in pornography? My unequivocal response was a resounding No!

1. The Spiritual Dimension of Pornography

James 1:14-15 cautions against being carried away by one’s lust, leading to sin and eventual death. 

“Pastor, why would you say so? At least, we are married, and we can do anything in the sanctity of our marriage!”

James 1:14-15 But each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his own lust. Then when lust has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and when sin is accomplished, it brings forth death.

There’s an unseen force behind pornography—the strongman of perversion. 

Engaging with it, whether single or married, invites negative spiritual influence. Transference of spirits can occur, impacting your home and family negatively. 

Reject the subtle attempts of the devil to infiltrate your sacred space through disguised pornography.

2. The Gripping Pull of Addiction

Beyond dirtying your heart with explicit content, pornography exerts a formidable pull on your emotions. Addiction becomes a real danger, with the allure of more extreme forms of perversion. 

The initial satisfaction from regular pornography may wane, leading to the exploration of increasingly disturbing territories. This journey not only jeopardizes your sexual life but also poses a significant threat to your marriage and spiritual well-being.

3. Unfair Comparisons within Marriage

One often overlooked consequence is the undue pressure placed on a spouse to match the performances witnessed in pornography. Ignorantly demanding such acts can violate your partner’s conscience and erode the sanctity of your relationship. 

It’s essential to realize that the scenes depicted are often fueled by drugs, numbing the actors’ humanity. 

Requesting your spouse to replicate these acts can lead to strained intimacy, potential infidelity, and a breach of trust.

In conclusion, the pitfalls of introducing pornography into a marriage are numerous and profound. 

Later, we’ll delve into strategies to break free from its grips and restore the sanctity of marital relationships. 

Stay tuned for practical insights on reclaiming a life free from the clutches of pornography. Until then, remain blessed!

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