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Attraction Factor In Relationships and Marriages

Were we attracted to each other? Yes, and certainly!  A lot of deeply spiritual folk will tell you that attraction doesn’t matter, but I am telling you right now, it matters.

Marriage is truly made in heaven, but it is lived here on earth. You can receive your spouse from heaven, but both of you will eventually tabernacle here on planet earth!

After marriage, all other people will not suddenly become ugly. That is why people who have no fear of God still go into extra-marital relationships.

Attraction Factor In Relationships and Marriages

I have had to counsel people who are in a relationship and would say they didn’t really like their partner but since God said he or she is the one. You see, something is obviously missing here. God is not an author of confusion, and He would not lead you to somebody you dislike forever. 

Yes, it is possible you do not resonate with a particular person God leads you to when you are busy looking elsewhere, but the moment you embrace God’s plan, you will indeed love the person.

But there would never be a situation where God forces you to marry somebody you don’t like or somebody you hate.

A situation where you get depressed over how your spouse looks three days after the wedding needs not happen!

You won’t believe that the reason a lot of people are scared about asking God for who to marry is that they don’t want God to lead them to somebody they will hate. God is intelligent, much more intelligent than all the intelligence of the entire brains of the human race combined!

Attraction Factor In Relationships and Marriages

It is only God that knows the person who will be attracted to you and you will be attracted to, not just today, but also in some ten and twenty years’ time. People change over time.

Beyond physical attraction, therefore, there must be an inner attraction. Beyond the fact that she is thin or slim or lepacious, you must love her because, over time, a lepacious woman can become orobo! Figure eight can fast become figure football! What happens after that?

The reality you must accept is that your spouse will not look the same after twenty or thirty years of marriage. Attraction must be deeper than physical appearance because appearance changes over time!

For me, I have remained slim like I used to be, I only added a little and my tummy has been trying to come out, but I have been casting out all the calories. My wife is more rounded, but she has been trying to lay aside the weight as well.

Attraction Factor In Relationships and Marriages

As married couples, do not look on when you see the weight is traveling to where you don’t want to camp. Follow her to the gym if you have to. Take precautions. Do not eat late. Reduce taking “swallow” if you have to! Stay with each other and walk the walk together. 

As married couples, keep the attraction on fire. Keep dressing for him within and without the home. He is moved by sight! Never forget that! Good morning


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