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An Excursion Into A Lady’s Mind. Most men are frustrated today when it comes to understanding their spouse or spouse-to-be. Most people even believe that marriage is a necessary evil. But it is not like that in God’s word and since the scripture says no evil will befall us, God will not bring an evil institution upon us through marriage.

The devil has perverted the institution and has almost succeeded in selling the lie to the generation. You will thus find many people saying, it is better to stay unmarried. The problem with that is that such people often end up in a life of promiscuity.

A wife is not supposed to be a knife, she is supposed to be a helper. But most times, she is not fulfilled and does not have an enabling environment to be who she ought to be.

With over two decades of speaking, teaching, and writing on relationships and marriages, I have some ideas that can help you when it comes to how women think. Hundreds of young ladies, middle-aged ladies, and older ladies have spoken to me in counselling scenarios. Most of them would weep profusely as they narrate their ordeals. When guys call me, they are usually trying to find out how to choose a good lady, but when ladies call me, they are trying to get healed and get broken hearts mended. This however does not mean that men are incapable of experiencing broken hearts.

So, this morning, I want to take you by the hand, and let’s go on an excursion into the mind of a lady.

What do they think? What do they want? Why is she always moody? Why is she happy at this moment and then the next she is depressed? Why is she disinterested in sex sometimes? Why does she like to buy things? I can go on and on and there are so many questions. Let’s Take An Excursion Into A Lady’s Mind.

She is deeply emotional

Now, that is just plain difficult for guys to understand because again, you are trying to process emotionalism with logic. A lady is emotional, but a man is logical.

That are two different worlds.

Let me give you an example.

A couple is driving home after church service in their beautiful car when they suddenly sighted a young girl who appears homeless. This is a likely conversation that might ensue.

Wife: Oh Jesus, look at that little cutie. What is she doing on the road?

Husband: What is she doing? Obviously, she is homeless.

Wife: Can we take her home?

Husband: Take her home? Just like that?

Wife: But she is homeless and she needs help

Husband: So I should just park like that and ask her to hop into the car?

Wife: At least, let’s park and help her first

Husband: I am not parking. I don’t know her.

Wife: You are heartless

Husband: But I am not stupid

Wife: You are heartless. That is how you deal with me as well.

Husband: Why do you always like to pick up fights with me? What is your business with that child?

Wife: And you are coming from church. Is that what you are being taught?

Husband: What has church got to do with this for God’s sake? Why are you just difficult?

Wife: It is you that is wicked

Husband: (tunes in to car radio)

Wife: (Sobbing) That is how you always ignore me.

That is how a simple event can escalate and get the couple on edge because she is an emotional being.

What this means is that a guy and a lady will never think the same way, will never see things the same way, and will never say them the same way. They are thinking from different sides of the brain.

In courtship scenarios, the following type of conversation can ensue:

Guy: (Calls his fiancée who lives in another state) Hey, Baby, how are you doing?

Lady: (Answers unhappily) I am fine

Guy: What’s wrong? You don’t sound good

Lady: Are you just noticing?

Guy: But I just called now! There you go again. What is wrong this time?

Lady: Nothing

Guy: How can you say “nothing?”

Lady: Nothing

Guy: Ok, I will call you later

Lady: So, you want to hang up the phone?

Guy: But you said there is nothing?

Lady: I have always known you don’t love me!

Guy: Baby, I love you

Lady: If you love me, you would have called me yesterday

Guy: But I told you that I would be in class throughout yesterday

Lady: Whatever happened to SMS and chats?

Guy: I told you my phone would be with a repairer

Lady” Why can’t you borrow a phone? Am I not important to you?  

Guy: Oh God. You just feel like picking a quarrel. So that’s the issue?

Lady: Yes

Guy: Ok, I am sorry

Lady: You are always sorry. Every time, you are sorry.

Guy: What do you want from me? So what do you want now?

Lady: Nothing

And they can go and on without any meaningful conclusion.

This is An Excursion Into A Lady’s Mind

The first thing I will like you to know this morning is that guys and ladies think differently. So, in a relationship or marriage, you don’t set out to win an argument, you simply try to understand each other. 

Something that is insignificant to you can be a passionate issue for her and you need to deal with her with a lot of understanding. She is not logical, which sometimes makes her use too many words, but you need to know that she is intuitive. 

I will live with understanding

Lord, teach me by your Holy Spirit in my areas of ignorance

Acts 4


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