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50 Things I’ve Learned in 50 Years. Well, as you may be all aware, today is my 50th! I feel like 20! With all gratefulness to God, I want to appreciate God for keeping me alive this past fifty years! God has been good! 

What song should I sing now? I want to sing all the songs together. God is good!

This morning I will share briefly with you on 50 Things I’ve Learned in 50 Years

1. You will eventually marry. Nobody can marry your spouse. 

2. God qualifies the called. He does not call the qualified.

3. God will communicate to you in a pattern. Study that pattern.

4. Do not be in a hurry. When God speaks to you, a burden comes. There is a burden to prepare and a burden to perform. Find out which is which.

5. It is foolishness for you to fight your spiritual father or pastor.

6. Never gossip. It slows things down.

7. Never venture out without a spiritual covering. 

9. Find your tribe or your spiritual lineage for that is where your inheritance is.

10. Nothing kills anointing like being in the wrong environment. 

11. Never stay around people who talk against what your calling is. 

12. Be a voracious reader. 

13. Your first call is unto God. Stay with God and develop your faith muscle. 

14. You cannot combine sin with the ministry. 

15. Do not get into comparison traps.

16. As a lady, never ask a man out.

17. Do not spend nights or weekends in a man’s home until after the wedding. 

18. Do not go into a relationship experimentally

19. If your lover says he or she wants to move on, let them move.

20. In God, some rejections are directions.

21. Do not be in a hurry. 

22. Courtship time is an alignment of the mind, not the interlocking of bodies. 

23. Your service and time spent for God in the church cannot cover or compensate for sexual disobedience.

24. Every single act in your courtship is a seed into your marriage and home.

25. If you build with lies, deception, and compromise, it is a courtship built on sand and not rock.

26. A relationship or courtship that is isolated and disenfranchised from mentorship will not always last.

27. Build your self-esteem. If you don’t, you will keep attempting to use your outer beauty to cover your inner struggles.

28. Be careful with a person who gives with a motive to defile you.

29. You have a responsibility to love yourself before any other person can love you.

30. Without God, sweet bread turns fast into gravel in the mouth and the mastication process becomes a mess and a pain.

31. Do not start playing small Mummy for anybody before the wedding 

32. Being a virgin is good, but you must also have the right attitude and relationship skills. 

33. Lastly, know that God has a plan for you. His thoughts towards you are thoughts of peace. Not of evil. God knows what He is doing. He is not confused

34. Focus on your spouse and spouse alone! 

35. Wives, be a holy wife but don’t form holiness for your husband in the bed. 

36. Wives, be a “naughty” girl. That is what he wants! Lose your inhibitions and give each other unforgettable experiences.

37. Singles, Why would you want to hold a night vigil together and alone? That way, it is not the devil tempting you, you are the one tempting him.

38. Sexual compromise will bring confusion to the soul. It happens all the time.

39. Each time you compromise, something dies in you. Avoid the traps.

40. No matter how far you think you have gone, God’s mercy is always there for you in repentance

41. Avoid dating married people. It is not only sinful, it is sowing a bad seed into your own marriage.

42. Adultery will adulterate your destiny. Avoid it.

43. Never lift your hands against your wife. Things will go south when you do that.

44. Be open to each other in marriage. Be recklessly sincere.

45. After pleasing God do all you can to please each other.

46. There may be a delay, but there won’t be a denial. His words will not fall to the ground.

47. Keep your marriage romantic. Keep doing all you were doing before the wedding

48. Look into each other’s eyes during sex. Soak in yourselves and merge as one.

49. Avoid strife like a plague. Pray together. 

50. Forgive each other in a hurry. Never habour inhibitions against each other!

50 Things I’ve Learned in 50 Years

Good morning! 
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