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5 Truths Single And Married Should Know

1. God knows what He is doing
God knows what He is doing about your life and in your life and He is not confused. If you are single and you are worried about who your spouse is, well, your spouse is somewhere right now. Be patient, be focused, and trust God as a father that He will lead you and guide you.

Never ever allow the devil to push you into a corner and tell you that something is wrong with you. All you should do is trust God, and you will rejoice in the end. Don’t compare yourself with others; we all have different timetables. The fact that somebody arrived before you does not mean the person is more favoured, there are times and seasons and your prayer should be, Lord, help me to be sensitive to your leading at all times.

If you are already married and you are not happy in your marriage, talk to God about it. God has a way of bringing succor to every storm of life. He knows what the situation is in your marriage. He knows exactly the solution to any imbroglio. Get close to Him and talk to Him.

2. Don’t stop reading God’s word
You know what? That word of God is your life. Don’t joke with it. Don’t play with it. Stay with it and believe it. Embrace it and meditate on it. The word of God is anointed of itself and by itself to come to pass. Whatever you are passing through right now, the answer is in God’s word. There is no special Bible for singles and another for married. In the Bible is encapsulated everything thing you will ever need in life. Your spouse, your children, and your prosperity are right inside that word.

3. Sin and compromise will slow you down
Stay away from all compromise. If you are single, don’t slow yourself down through compromise. The pressure is mounting daily but you must learn to put your body under and remain disciplined. The scripture says that sin shall not have dominion over us. The pressures in this generation will not be an excuse for any character defect.

Married Couples focus on your spouse and spouse only. Stay away from all compromises!

4. There is a place for mercy and His grace
If you have made mistakes, don’t condemn yourself because God does not condemn you. What He wants from you is repentance and if you run to him at such times, He will cleanse and restore you. Psalm 23 says, He restoreth my soul. I pray for you this morning, every area of your life that has been tampered with, let there be restoration now!

5. Don’t stop giving
If you will break the back of poverty and lack in your life, you have to give. You have to be delivered from greed and you have to stop being materialistic. True wealth from God will always include sowing seed consistently!

These are the 5 Truths Single And Married Should Know. May God give you more understanding.

Lord, help me to stay sensitive to your leading

I am not confused. God’s greatness lies in me. He has a plan for me. That plan will come to pass

John 19


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