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5 Reasons Why She Is Emotional. Women are simply emotional beings! They are sentimental. Their way of thinking is miles apart from that of a man and they can be very illogical. You must understand and embrace this part about them and help bring the much-needed balance without creating issues. 

That was how I got married and then any little thing somebody would be crying. I was like, what’s this? Lol…

By the way, today is my wife’s birthday! Some of you will be used to that now….anniversary yesterday, birthday today. Help me say a word of prayer for her!

Back to our topic, why are the womenfolk sentimental? I will be writing about women, both singles and married, so that men can understand who they are dealing with. 5 Reasons Why She Is Emotional 

  1. Their Instincts 

Yes, their instincts are responsible for why they can be very emotional. Particularly, the maternal instinct can make them overly protective and have exaggerated responses to something a man will be cool with.

Every man has to understand this or else there will be unnecessary issues here and there.

5 Reasons Why She Is Emotional 

2. Past Traumatic Event 

If there has been some traumatic experience while growing up, especially if it has to do with some form of abuse, this can affect responses to people and issues. It would be so subtle that it wouldn’t be noticeable, but it would be there.

As the man, you must be willing to lovingly help out till there is total healing in the emotions. 

5 Reasons Why She Is Emotional 

3. Their Hormones

Estrogen hormones can cause fluctuations. When there is a surge of this hormone, several emotions can run, fly, swim and do all together at the same time.

They become even more emotional during their cycles and there are different things that happen during this time. Some women can be in pain for a whole week because of this while some just breeze through like nothing is happening! Hormonal imbalance can add more to the waterworks. 

5 Reasons Why She Is Emotional 

4. Women use their brains more

Men use the left side of their brains, which is why they are logical. Women use both sides of the brain! They can interpret situations in more depth than men! 

They feel more, they sense things more, and little things affect them more. 

Rather than the man saying something like” Why would this small thing make you cry or withdrawn? The wise man should show empathy. 

5 Reasons Why She Is Emotional 

5. Their Stress Level 

When someone is feeling stressed, the Oxytocin hormone is released. When a man is stressed, their testosterone reduces the effects of oxytocin, which makes them aggressive and angry.

However, women have Estrogen, which enhances oxytocin. When this happens, the effects make her feel calm and caring.

Men hardly express their feelings and thoughts, so they react with anger or aggression. Instead of solving things by talking, they are always ready to “fight.” 

On the other hand, women tend to want to talk it out so they can express their feelings that way.

Men feel like fighting their way out of their problems.
Women want to talk their way out of any problem.

Understand this and know peace! Good morning! 


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