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5 More Deepest Desires Of Your Babe.

6. I need tender loving care (TLC)

Yes, believe it!

I might look like this super amazon of a lady that has everything figured out, but there is a little girl in me that wants to be tantalized!

She wants you to be caring!

She needs you to be tender. 

She doesn’t like it when you shout at her.

As singles in courtship, you must be careful that the TLC does not lead to bedroom! Keep the bed undefiled! 

7. I want a lover-boy, not a lecturer or sermonizer

When she is tinkering with her moods, she needs you to lovingly find out what is happening and not lecture or sermonize!

It is not a classroom or church. 

You are supposed to be a lover boy, not a lecturer or a pastor!

Sometimes, what your wife needs is just to know there is a husband who shows some understanding because she sometimes doesn’t even understand herself!

If you are still single and you have a lecturer or sermonizing lover, that is what will likely continue in the marriage. If it’s not something you like right now, it is in the order for you to go for counsel. Don’t walk down the aisle thinking all will just change overnight because you are now married. 

8. I need you to whisper in my ears and taunt me lovingly 

Your wife loves that a lot.

You just try it out. 

Most husbands are too serious about reading Bible all the time or doing some office work at home.

Office work should be left at the office.

Have some family time and some “wife” time.

It would improve a lot of things. 

Singles, no need to whisper anything, for now, you need more prayer whispers than ear whispers!

9. Concerning sex, make sure we both finish

This is strictly for married couples. Singles can just skip…lol

She doesn’t want to be abandoned along the mountaintop!

Sex for a man is a sure arrival.

For your wife, it is a gradual ascent, a mountain climbing, multi-orgasmic experience. 

This requires a lot of skill and patience on the part of the husband to take it slowly and guide his wife to arrive before him!

10. I need you to find out my love language and speak it

Every lady has a love language.

Find out what it is and your wife’s peculiarity and simply stick with that language. 

That way, you will be able to cultivate your love more effectively.

Singles, go ahead and do online tests to find what your love language is. It will stop all the language confusion at Babel of Tower and bring you into understanding one another as in the Pentecost experience. 

May your marriage be blessed.

I love my wife genuinely 

Lord, destroy every wrong spirit in our marriage 

1Pe 5:7 (KJV)  Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

Plan a surprise for your spouse / lover 

2 Peter, Jude


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