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The Proverbs 31 woman is certainly a superwoman; I used to think no woman can beat her record. Sometimes I used to feel like it is impossible for one person to have it all figured out as she does. Then, there was a time I just concluded that it cannot be a real contemporary woman of our time.

At another time, I didn’t like to read about the proverb 31 woman because she showed me how inadequate I was. All these different emotions and thoughts went through my mind at different stages of my twenty-two years marriage experience.

Now, I think I am wiser and more secure. When I read Proverbs 31, I read with the mind of; ‘it’s possible, let me glean wisdom, work and walk towards becoming better.

Here is wisdom to glean. Please do read through proverbs 31.

1. She is 100% committed to her husband’s vision.

We are to reorder our steps if you love your kids more than your husband. The right order is to be 100% committed to your husband. You have a covenant responsibility towards him. You are to care for your children.

2. She watches and prays over her entire household like Mother Hen.

Be like a watchdog. We have a male and female Caucasian dog, and it is amazing that it is the female that is always barking and restlessly watching the gate. Why? Because of her puppies, she has her little ones to protect.

3. She makes a giant out of every dwarf that lives under her roof. She also does not dim people’s star

She brings out the better of everyone, not only her children but everyone that comes in contact with her.

4. She invests more than she spends. Nothing diminishes in her hands. She is too busy-minded.

Don’t be a consumer alone. Don’t be a CAN (Consumer Association of Nigeria). Try and create wealth, produce something, multiple things. Do business.

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5. She is hard working. No room for idleness or gossip.

Being a woman is not synonymous with being a gossip. Be productive, use your time wisely. If you are not caring for the children, be tending the home, care for your husband, pray in tongues for creative ideas, a woman has her plate full, there is a lot to do. Make no room for gossip.

6. She fears God, serving faithfully, tithing dutifully, assisting the less privileged.

She takes her services to God seriously. She knows that God is at the center of everything and he is the one that holds it all together.

7. She does not refuse her Husband Jeru trip for whatever reason.

She is fully aware that Jeru trip is a core course at the university of marriage. She does everything, yet does not neglect and take with levity her roles and duties.  She doesn’t fail in her core course.

I will continue tomorrow by God’s Grace.

May God bless our marriage

I receive strength to be who God has made me to be

Pray for a submissive heart

After all, we don’t want to unwittingly give Satan an opening for yet more mischief – we’re not oblivious to his sly ways! (2Co 2:11 MSG)

Decide to work on your marriage

Prov 31


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