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SINGLES – Why You Can’t Keep Asking Him for Money
There is nothing wrong in asking your fiancé for money or for financial assistance during courtship, if you are really in a fix, but this should never become a habit.

You are not married, yet, so you shouldn’t abandon yourself into his hands like a sheep being led to the slaughter!

I once met a lady who told me that she has many guys who are her friends and that they are for different purposes.

One supplies laptops, another supplies phones, and another gets fresh fish and so on and so forth. This is an irresponsible way of living! 

That is nothing more like eating your cake and trying to have it. I have always told ladies, there are no nice guys, and nobody wants to sow seeds without expecting some returns.

You see a guy who is an unbeliever and you keep taking things from him, one day he is going to take something from you, and by the time he asks, your capacity would have been weakened to say NO, because you have received too many gifts.

There is a saying in Yoruba language that says you shouldn’t eat what will get stuck in your throat!

The scripture aptly warns that:

A man’s gift maketh room for him… (Proverbs 18:16 KJV)

This is also applicable here. Taking too many inappropriate gifts creates a vacancy in you.

There are gifts that you take, and you wish you hadn’t some few months after. A married man buys you a car, and he has not bought one for his wife and you are happy? You should run for your life, because there are too many ritualists out there.

There are some circles where a believer should not be found. It is not everything you get that is really a testimony. Not every act can be seen as God’s favour.

That is why the scripture warns:

Favour is deceitful… (Proverbs 31:30 KJV)

God is your Jehovah, not man. Stop putting all your trust in a man, because man will surely disappoint. Learn to use your faith to meet your needs and stop putting yourself in compromised positions because of financial favours from men.

There are still men that God can send your way and help to bail you out or to favour you, but let God work it out in His own way. When you try to be smart, you can get more than you bargained for.

We live in selfish world where people may want you to exchange your body for a favour. If you are involved in that kind of racket, please, run from such.

Your body is never designed to be a commodity or a tool for trade by barter, your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and it should be honoured as such. 

The Lord is my shepherd, it didn’t say, your boyfriend. When you put a man in a spot where only God can occupy, there will be trouble! 

I have God’s wisdom to handle money

Lord, help me to say “No” when necessary

A gift gets attention; it buys the attention of eminent people (Proverbs 18:16 Message)

Focus on God to meet your needs, especially when money is involved

Psalms 1-2


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