What To Do When Things Seem Tough

What To Do When Things Seem Tough
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What do you do when things seem tough? There are times when everything just seems okay. Life is just good. You look at your bank account and smile. There are cars in the garage. The children are doing well, nice school. Your spouse is just so nice. The money keeps rolling into your account. No stress.

During weekends you have all the time with your family. During holidays, you and the family get to travel out of the country.

Your wife comes home on time, prepares a good meal. Your house is really yours and it is fine. It has all things set. The generator, fridge, freezer, microwave oven, dishwasher, washing machine, everything is set.

You look around and you are so grateful and fulfilled, not asking for anything. This looks like that perfect life everybody prays for. Everything is just working right. You have no prayer points except that God should bless your friends and neighbors.

Well, many of us are not there yet. In fact, many are still far from there. Many are at the stage where they are trusting God, praying to God for one thing or another, where they don’t have it all together. In fact, they are at the opposite of life is good.

At such times, one has to hold on, be patient, Be thankful and grateful, keep at what you know works, and give God praise. Be a God praiser. Of all the things that would have made you complain, praise God instead.

Turn it into a praise report. Let your voice be loud and clear in praises. It is when joy withers that prosperity and testimony withers.

When as a married couple, your home seems like nothing is happening. It’s time to turn on the volume of your praise and thanksgiving.

Jesus got to the tomb of Lazarus, he was met with an impossible situation. He gave thanks and rejoiced. In the feeding of the 4,000 where he only had a lad’s supper, he gave thanks.

When the going gets rough, it’s time to get to thanks and praise. You have enough to complain about. Things are not working but give thanks. When you give thanks, things will begin to open up and yield their abundance.

I give thanks, no matter what happens.

Lord, let me see that despite every thing you can work a miracle of provision

Php 4:19 (KJV)  But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Be thankful. Be praise-ful

Proverbs 27 – 29


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By Sophia Okunowo

Pastor Sophia is a mother, mentor and pastors along side her husband.

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